Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Wendall…

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  1. It will have to be ur car tho… LMFAO

  2. I earned the title of “superior” lamebooker? Exceedingly super, now i can finally crawl off to my hole and die happy…By the way this had better be fake or I am going on a gun-toting rampage tomorrow, schedule permitting

  3. Right then, how do I become a superior lamebooker? I’m jealous.

  4. HA!
    I like that when theREALfakeSTEVER made his/her list, I CAME FIRST (I like coming first or, ideally, simultaneously)

    So fuckyall! I’m the superiorest lamebooker ever!

    The world has been owned by a Canadian!

    *Gone power trippin*

  5. this kid is obviously the coolest kid i ever seen b4. every gang ever, wow. wonder if he’s a don in the mafia too

  6. We all know thay I am the superior force here. No one else!

  7. Vader? Are you implying that you intend to betray me, throw me down a chute and become the ruler of the empire with your son? …I’m keeping an eye on you for now.

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