Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michael’s Got Balls



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  1. It’s funny because all Asians are illiterate.

  2. Why would you copy off of someone who is illiterate?

  3. @tweakers I would consider those derogatory statements about a class of people (specifically Ginger and fat) which is also not something you should do. You seriously need to reconsider your view if you can’t see why “illiterate Asian” is a racist remark.

  4. To expand, whether or not the target of your slur is offended has no bearing on whether something is racist or not.

  5. Racism issue aside… the Hogwarts comment made me lol foreverrrr.

  6. Ehm, I’ve never heard of illiteracy in Asians being a stereotype. Then again, racism is cool because you can be as stupid as you wanna be! Go racist, go!!

  7. lol @46

  8. @stephanie lol

  9. Facepalm

  10. hahaha love the hogwarts line and the racism was pretty classy too. I must say even if it is fake its pretty funny.

  11. @54 shut up you pan-faced chink

  12. @28 LOL

  13. fake fake

  14. illiterate asian.. just another oxymoron to add to the list.

    patrick = EPIC.

  15. i feel for those people who are arguing whether or not it’s fake: you people belong on youtube!

  16. yeah the ‘fake!’ arguing is annoying. it’s not that odd to reply to something a minute after it’s posted, you get a little notification come up, most people click it right away.

    and 20minutes is quite enough time if the guy only lives like a suburb away.. which is pretty likely if they go to the same school.

  17. FAIL!

  18. Aah, young love. (:

  19. It’s the kind of fake that doesn’t even make you laugh.

  20. I frickin’ laughed. OUT LOUD! 😛 But, I am an insomniac who is verrrry tired.

  21. Lol Patrick is awesome.

  22. two idiots with too much time!!! I wonder if anyone ever got around to doing the mathgs homework again!!!


  24. John Players Standard

    I’ve shot my friends with pellet guns before. This isn’t necessarily fake.

  25. Patrick’s a cold motherfucker.

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