Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mind = Blown

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  1. #MindBlown

  2. Evan is a “Fruit”

  3. Must be kids from the 90’s because back in the 70’s and 80’s they were round, boring and packed full of sugar.

  4. The Trix rabbit has fucked over 9 million sluts. He is a god.

  5. And I fucked the Trix Rabbit thus becoming a Super-God. Bow to me with all of your fakeness still intact, cunt.

  6. And I fucked Ms T9000 up the exhaust port thus becoming an Uber Super-God. She was a dead root too. She just lay there making small mechanical noises and pitiful mewling sounds.

  7. The beauty of it all is that everyone/everything has a hole that can be fucked.

  8. I’d rather a self-submitted sickipedia joke than this retarded shit. So many fuck wits that post on this site now. I wish the internet was 15+…

  9. bradles I am 15+ where it counts. Which you should know because I indeed fucked you.

  10. BORING

  11. “bradles I am 15+ where it counts.”
    You’re talking about the stretching ability of your rectum, right?

  12. the only way this site could be gayer is if it started featuring all male porn.

  13. I had an autographed Trix Ra bit picture as a kid. And, yeah, in the beginning, Trix was round like colored Kix.

  14. And every color if Trix cereal tastes like lemon.

  15. I remember growing up…trix meant something totally different…I don’t know myself…but I think they tasted like stale cigarettes and whatever piss tastes like.

  16. ^ Like you don’t know…

  17. @Capn, those were “tricks”. VERY different.

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