Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stealing Shaun

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  1. This is not fake.

  2. Forgive my previous error. This post is fake, Shaun is a cunt and I fucked “tezza”.

  3. I had sexual intercourse with Tom.

  4. I thought Shaun’s stupidity was funny.

  5. Oh God this is too funny! (not this stupid post):
    blog. evilcow .org/?page_id=70. Remove the spaces.
    Evilcow, I KNEW it! 😉

  6. Quit being a moralistic little twatmuffin, Tom.

  7. Shaun is the kind of person that would have 19 copies of “Dingo’s mad Pizza cafe” installed on his PC. Just click any link you see…..

  8. @5 I don’t get it.

  9. I hope this is fake

  10. #5 well that fucking explains everything….He’s so…soft…and horny!

  11. In related dingo news, the dingo actually did eat the baby.

  12. @8 You have to read it.

    @10 Right!? A blog by someone who goes by “Evilcow,” and his journey to becoming a woman through hormone treatments and laser hair removal. Thereby leaving his wife and kids to the wayside. How fucking perfect is that?

  13. eh, I don’t know about “perfect”, but, hell, I’d say it sounds about right…Good job finding it…lol..I mean, how many people out there are using “evilcow” as a pen name….I’ve only found two dickheads using mine.

  14. Well done, Nails, that’s pretty fuckin’ cool. Though I think the transgender evilcow has more balls then our evilcow though.

  15. Evilcow, tits or GTFO… Hairy, mannish tits…

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