Thursday, June 14, 2012

Justin Has A Point

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  1. What a fake cunt with which whom I have fucked.

  2. with which whom?

  3. Ms. T9000 you are a fake cunt….

  4. IAmNateK, that is false. I am genuine and you are in fact the cunt to which whom I have also fucked.

  5. I fucked Eva Braun. Hitler was not pleased.

  6. ‘To which whom’? why would anyone listen to someone who can’t even speak correctly? lol try again.

  7. Ms T9000 is still suffering from programme errors caused by the buggering I gave her earlier. She needs rebooting by means of a few well placed taps with a large hammer.

  8. Why are all the commentators twelve now?

  9. 12 year olds are in school.
    they must be pre school

  10. ^implying dat ALL twelfe yer olds go 2 skhool r weh? Wear did u gro up Mutley? I dont no if u notised, butt kidds r fuket up dese dais…Kidds dat aige r owt skipng skool, fukeing, havenk n1gar babeeys cuz its kool nd suking bois with names like treyvons dik becuz dey lyke ofur dem skattles n stuf end sai dey luk purdy, listenink to faigs nayme jastin bibber…lyk omg his sooo seeexxy, stilin bere frum dadi, blewing homelis guis fer crack, shewting up lsd, smeling buckited sh*t covured wif plastik rap 2 git hi, lurning how 2 m8k bombs n junk of totse, smowking bananda peals, lycking frogs, and jurking it 2 departmeant stoar adds and seres cattlelogs dat dey stole frum mummi, watching scrambled tvee 2 c if dey kan katch a glimpce off sum titti. Skool ist fur pusssties, yew nerd! Gro teh fuk up misther inturnit basturd! git a lyfe…uhhh…i cunt staind yew pipple dat tink dey kno id awl!

  11. CapnJaques – what are you speaking?

  12. i iz tots wid da Jak! biches be cold d’z dayz. i blame de goverment an dall you fukers be bichen and shit and I can’t continue it is actually not as easy as it looks..

    Justin’s comment is just a reflection of America’s obsession with racism.

  13. OR its a joke.

  14. ^for the love of all that is holy.. YES, he was making a joke crusty, that’s pretty fucking obvious, to all but the lowliest of amoebae.

  15. Well then that would make “Justin’s comment is just a reflection of America’s obsession with racism.” a really shit joke.

  16. It wasn’t meant to be a joke crusty, it was a cold hard statement on the shitness of society.

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