Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mirror Movin’

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  1. I’m not addicted, I just like the smell of it.

  2. If you keep doing drugs with tatooed guys like that, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  3. Much more fun to snort coke off a chick’s clit

  4. ^ Have you really done it?

  5. Also, a bong appears to be in the background to the right… err… at least that’s what my internet research suggests one might look like.

  6. Yawn……

  7. What a bunch of ninnies…put the coke in a spoon you fucking losers!

  8. my boyfriends mom just got an awesome a year old Hyundai Accent Sedan only from working part-time off a macbook. more tips here,,, Fb39.COM

  9. ^ how is Nigeria this time of year Scammer?

  10. Zatknis, I have, infact, had the opportunity to perform said act on a lady’s happy place. The concept stems from the fact that the clitoris contains bunches of sensory capilliaries(more so than the inside of the nose) and therefore placing cocaine therupon results in the lady in question feeling an immediate and markedly more intense rush.
    As a footnote, cocaine is really expensive, and the stuff getting lost in a bush of pubes is a no-no. I thus suggest getting the lady to shave this region or, in your case, stick to 8 year-olds.

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