Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!

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  1. I don;t get the firsat one. Is Allie his teacher?

  2. I don’t think Allie is his teacher; she’s just telling him that the sun is, in fact, a star.

  3. Whether she’s his teacher or not, he’s an idiot… And it seems he needs to read up on tomatoes as well.

  4. #1 … obvious troll is obvious… otherwise why the tomato not a fruit line, hmmm?

  5. stubbyholder: to Matthew the biological fact that a tomato is a fruit is overwhelmed by the common perception of it as a salad vegetable, similarly the astronomical fact that the sun is a star is trumped by the everyday usage of ‘star’ to refer to those little lights that come out at night. It makes a sort of sense, but won’t score him high marks.

  6. Wow, only stubbyholder picked up that Walter and Matthew are definitely trolling. Ben’s a douche with no life and was very bored that day. Good ol’ racist aunt Debra. What does she mean by downtown SA? If it’s South Africa then I’m highly offended!

  7. @MattP82: “downtown SA” probably isn’t South Africa, since a country doesn’t exactly have a downtown… except maybe Luxembourg, or Monte Carlo.. But if she said “downtown J-burg” … well…

    Captain Literal.

  8. Lubbock is in Texas, so the SA most likely refers to San Antonio.

  9. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I think Rubert is trolling too. I like to see trolling on the internet. It’s all good clean fun.

  10. You’re all trolls. Except for 2 and 6 who are fake.

  11. Regardless of who is a troll; you’re all idiots!

  12. The Earth is not a planet; it is Earth

  13. The Earth is a disc. Dicks

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