Monday, July 4, 2011

Mobile Mayhem

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  1. shadowwhisperer

    I claim this first for Scotland. Probably.

  2. I’ll take second for Scotland too.

  3. Third for Scotland as well.

  4. And fourth for Scotland also.

  5. While it’s probably just ignorance generally, I don’t really think the DC picture comment is that bad. I realise that Americans tend to think they are the most unique people in the world and therefore everything in American MUST be known outside of it but that simply isn’t the case.
    There are thousands of dome buildings like this all over Europe, particularly in Italy.

  6. It’s possible that Tenisha is an American getting replies from her American friends. OR someone is commenting that this is a significant “landmark” known by many. Nothing to do with being American more to do with being ignorant.

  7. I actually saw a woman using a “burqatooth” at Walmart last month. Damned if I left my cellphone out in the car…that would’ve been an excellent PoWM entry.

  8. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I don’t think not recognising the Capitol Building is necessarily ignorant. How often does anyone get to see it from that angle? It’s never shown from that angle on television. It’s always shown in a wide-angle shot from far away on the news and such. From this angle it looks a lot smaller than the usual wide-angle news shot, so Tenisha can be forgiven for not immediately recognising it, even she is American. How many people in Britain, for example, know what the side door to the Houses of Parliament looks like? Only those who have been there.

  9. comparethemeerkat

    I’d beg to differ with regard to the HoP. The architecture is so unique that I think many people of the UK would know what building it is.
    And according to my friend’s mate from California, apparently we (the people of England) do our washing in the Thames. She genuinely brought detergent on holiday with her because she thought this was the case.
    Trump that ignorance.

  10. shadowwhisperer

    @meerkat Many Americans still believe that Haggis is an animal which is hunted, and that all Scots walk about in kilts and play bagpipes.

  11. *facepalm*

  12. Burqatooth is super common around here; works even better with flip phones.

  13. I’m going to have to agree with the fact that Tenisha’s comment isn’t that bad. I’m from Australia and I know that many Australians would not recognise the building. Although I’ve been to Washington DC, I wasn’t entirely sure if the building was in fact the one in Washington, especially because of the angle. From what I remember, Austin TX has a similar building, and I’m sure there are many others scattered in the US and overseas.

    If Tenisha had commented on a photo of the Eiffel Tower however, that would be entirely different.

  14. Tenisha so 5tupid she cant rekonize the taj mahal lolol!!!11one

  15. I’m from the UK and I didn’t recognise the second one. It’s not really lame.

  16. Taylz, St. Paul, MN has a similar looking one too.

    I also totally saw a woman with the burkatooth at work today (I work at a grocery store).

  17. I’m from Northern Europe, and I didn’t recognise that sencond building… Althought I have pretty good general knowledge. But I’m pretty sure that I recognise much more famous buildings in United States, than average american in Europe.

  18. Sigh….

  19. Many (if not all) state capitol buildings are modeled after the national capitol building. I know of at least 5 state capitol buildings that look the same.

  20. Our state capitol looks exactly the same as the national capitol, but we had to make it a bit taller.

    Because that’s how we do things.

  21. I do that with my cell when I’m driving… Hijab can be handy! Also, it’s not burqa.

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