Friday, November 13, 2009

Morbid Mistakes




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  1. timecheck

  2. Since when is nationalism a problem? Why should I not be proud to be an American? Nationalism is not the word you are looking for, it is jingoism. Stop wasting so much time watching TV and learn something. Oh, and arguing doesn’t always involve formulaic point/counterpoint discussions with emoticons. See, I can pick one thing from what you say and use it to destroy your entire argument.

    Also, arguing for the sake of arguing is called debate, and its as old as time.

    So, in conclusion, you are an idiot who uses TV as an escape from your pathetic existence. Put down the remote and get on a treadmill, or will you cry when you lose your cellulite too?

  3. Ben, shut up, you sound like a retard with greatly a inflated opinion of your own intellect.

    Probably because you are.

  4. I second what Pat said. you’re a dick. “Oh, and…”, why don’t you fuck off. Stop talking about “pathetic existence” when you’re posting on lamebook. And nationalism can be a huge problem, especially when dumb people get hold of it.

  5. Ben is just mad because he’s a fat fuck with nothing else to do except find random websites to argue on. Turn Greys Anatomy back on, do us all a favor and kill yourself.

  6. Yeah, and when nationalism becomes a problem it is called jingoism. When will you understand that words have very specific meanings and, like nationalism, when wielded by ignorant fools such as yourself can be very destructive.

    Pat, you aren’t worthy of my time. You are making a self-defeating, thus fallacious, argument. “Probably because you are”? OOOHHHHHH, MY HEART!!!!!!

    Zoned, you have missed the bus and are left behind. My entire point was that identifying with television is stupid, so I would not be turning Grey’s Anatomy back on (learn to use an apostrophe, its called a possessive noun, dipshit) unless it was to MAKE me want to kill myself.

    All of you need to stop projecting all of YOUR problems on other people. It isn’t very becoming.

  7. isnt penny lane a porn star name? just throwing it out to people that thought krystalynn was a stripper name hahaha

  8. oop sorry thinking of lane oi and penny flame

  9. Swweeeet, picking an intellectual argument on the comments of lamebook.

  10. Krystalynn, I’m afraid you were an asshole even before you knew his friend died.

  11. @ Mary

    “@ Tim

    Does everyone like it when you suck thier cocks”

    Yes. I bet I do it better than you, too. Also, you misspelled “their” – idiot.

  12. Hey Mary! I hope one of those “manly men” you’re looking for buttrapes you in a piss-stained abortion clinic back alley and then strangles you!

    Stupid bitch.

  13. I don’t think it’s stupid at all to let a TV show or other medium (including books, film, and other art) touch you emotionally. Some of the best movies in my opinion are ones that make me feel something, sadness and elation alike. I mean, that’s kind of the point. Filmmakers, writers and the like want their audience to have an emotional reaction to their product, if that is in fact their goal. If you really don’t get that or think that’s “what’s wrong with America”, you’re missing the point and missing out. Yes, there are things more important than a TV show, but if you’re making that comparison, you’re actually the one ironically putting something like homelessness and Glee in the same category. Please don’t let the world see that you’re even more of a douche when you can’t differentiate between entertainment and real world issues.

    Really, Ben? First of all, it’s weird that you have that stance, yet know who Brody and LC are, not to mention the fact that you said “LC”. Secondly, next time you try to come down on people for their feelings about characters on a TV show, try to hide the link to your blog that chronicles you jerking off to your obsession with your favorite sports teams.

  14. @Ben
    RE: The meaning of Nationalism.

    Actually, one of the meanings of ‘nationalism’ is ‘excessive patriotism; chauvinism’.
    ‘Jingoism’ can be defined as ‘bellicose chauvinism’. ‘Bellicose’ being ‘belligerant’.
    So, really, ‘nationalism’ and ‘jingoism’ CAN BE more or less the same thing.

    Furthermore, note that I said ‘one of’. Words have various and rather unfixed meanings. They change over time, and also with how they are used. Language is an ever-evolving medium, and is continually used in different ways depending on the society that is using it and the demands of the culture. I’d suggest looking in to the history of how the first truly descriptive dictionary of English was created – The Oxford English Dictionary – it’s a great example of how languages can be living, changing things. They got people to write words down with an example of where they had seen them and how they had seen/heard them used on citation slips. Words and meanings are added to the dictionary every year (have a look at an etymological dictionary if you like).

    Finally, while it is not necessarily in a dictionary definition, it is also possible that the word ‘nationalism’ is being used as an ‘-ism’. Much like the word ‘racism’.

    In making myself look like a complete know-it-all twat, hopefully I have demonstrated how much of a twat you look. Don’t make assertions without evidence to back them up. And learn to check a dictionary before you make an argument based on the meaning of a word.

    /rant end

  15. Sue is reading to her big sister not her mom. Can downies even make children?

  16. @Brynne
    technically yes, but it’s unlikely

  17. and before anyone hates on me, i mean unlikely in the respect that they are more likely, but not necessarily, to be infertile. men with downs particularly more likely.

  18. For the first one, the comment the original poster wrote was done in 2 seconds. Faaake.

  19. the last one is definitely fake…

    nobody watches Glee

  20. Only chicks and f@gs watch glee.

  21. I’ll ignore the previous comment as it was clearly written by an idiot. The guy who called his Hamster Beetlejuice was just asking for it, the first lass is just retarded for writing her status in that way and the last comment just shows how sexist women can also be towards men.

  22. @Atheismo

    since when is ‘Isobel’ a guys name? And there is a sad face after the status, so only a retard would take that to be a happy comment.

  23. Not checking the date on the first one, I think the only thing lame about it is that it’s on this site. I mean, yeah, you normally put the years of the person’s life down when writing of their passing (and not the length of their military service), but it’s still rather ambiguous.

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