Thursday, April 22, 2010

More DisgRACEful Acts

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  1. The first one is a joke from Dane Cook.

  2. Last one is teh lulz. And fuck Dane Cook.

  3. these aren’t lame, they are stupid. except i have to admit the last one made me laugh.

  4. Not getting into any racist crap.

    No fun here.

  5. oh come on, word, racism is funny!

  6. ROFLLMAOBBQSAUCE at the last one

  7. JustAnotherAsian


  8. Lulz, I do have issues with certain races, but it usually involves their driving abilities.

    You should hear me in the car.

  9. The last one would be funnier if it didn’t force me to have to listen to his “Black and White” song in my head.

  10. Long lists that prove others wrong are great.

  11. Lulz, I’m never laughing, I’m always swearing.

  12. Ryan FTW 😀 That one made me laugh.

  13. Toadette is the winner

    Racism jokes and domestic violence jokes all in one day. Awesome, Lamebook. I think I’ll come back tomorrow.

  14. Oh, so THAT’S why it wasn’t funny. Because it’s Dane Cook.

  15. The last one was totally funny and if I was Tim’s friend I would have said that I would be right over

  16. Brilliant, so far today we’ve had a ‘Justin Bieber is young’ joke, a ‘Chris Brown hit Rihanna’ joke, and now a ‘Michael Jackson has been black and white’ joke!

    Ohhh man, thanks for the brilliant humour, you funny, funny people.
    I got one about George Bush being stupid. Wanna hear it? 😀

  17. P.S. I’m a hypocrite for pumping this (^) shit joke out every time somebody makes a Michael Jackson joke on here.

  18. @BritishHobo – I’m sure your George Bush joke is great.

    You know what else is black and white?A black chick when I come all over her… I had to go there.

  19. I wouldn’t say hypocrite British Hobo but I would say entertaining

  20. @Nuff …LAMO

  21. ryan ftw

  22. Oh, I enjoyed the last one! Why can’t my friends be funny like that?

    Getting bored of the racism stuff too, it just evolves into big, generally boring, debates.


  23. As much as I, a black woman, enjoy a good racial joke every now and again (my favorite tv show is “All in the Family,” for christ’s sake), the Dane Cook one is just terribly unfunny.

    What exactly is his appeal? I mean, I tried to watch one of his specials on Comedy Central, and I just could not “get” what all the hype is about. I felt like I had to regress in age and intellect to connect with his brand of humor. Am I missing something?

  24. I’ve never heard of Dane Cook, but from the comments on here and the joke above, he seems pretty pants.


  25. @king charles I: you are missing nothing. you appear to understand completely the Dane Cook is the antithesis of funny.

  26. @cupidscurse – agreed, I was weak and couldn’t resist the lame joke.

  27. @BritishHobo: bring on the Bush jokes. we never hear them over here anymore since he’s gone into hiding, thankfully. 😀

  28. And amen to that dc.

  29. last one FTW!:)

  30. Andrew….we’re all just happy that your adopting and not procreating.

  31. The Mike Hunt one makes me think of a family who live in our village that has either two generations of stupidity or crulty. Your last name is Dick so you have to name your Son Richard, in the minds of these people, so Dick Dick grows up and marries felicity, who is known as flic, they have a daughter, they name her Julietta. So now we have a family of Dick, Flick and Julietta Dick. Real family, very ver nice family, just stupid or have a crewl and twisted sence of humour *shakes head*

  32. @ Elle Bee- I haven’t heard of something being “pants” in ages! I miss being home in the UK… *sigh*

    And I’m not getting into the racism drawn out debates either. I have to hear enough of them walking past the Parliament House on my way in to Uni.


  33. wait….king charles is a black woman? not in my history book…..

    @countrylass i lol’d at your story. i know someone who named his kid harry. harry johnson. names like that are terrible and cruel and funny.

  34. artsy photos

  35. (just adding to the list, I love lists)

  36. @ throwingtofu

    thanks a lot. now I hear it too.

  37. Andrew – my man, pots & pans!

    I need some redemption after that last thing I said, this is hilarious.

  39. lol

  40. haha im leo from that last one…
    the list went on but i guess lamebook didnt like it, we had some more good shit after micheal jackson

  41. Racism is funny cuz it’s kind of stupid.

    @countrylass: I come from Texas where the Gov. named his daughters Ima and Ura Hogg. I tell you true. Or so the story goes.

  42. Aww, now I feel like am imbecile.

    I like Dane Cook. And I’m proud to admit it.

  43. love the black and white post! Tho RIP to MJ!:(

  44. first post is not funny…its offensive and lamebook should not put it up

  45. 1st one is very funny.

  46. This actually reminds me of the Louis Theroux episode where there’s a guy that tells him the people that were actually black, like George Washington, Lincoln and Shakespeare

  47. I think lamebook is censoring comments

  48. -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  49. Looking at elixabeth, I wish it were.

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