Monday, March 8, 2010

Moronic Monday

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  1. Thanks to Lamebook, the English speaking world now has new ways to spell both “retart” and “stuiped”. Who says you can’t get learn-ed on the internetz!

    And Mcowles, I agree with the nurse thing. The girl I’m seeing is studying to be a nurse and she finds that some of the people in her college classes are ill-prepared to write any sort of test or do any sort of reading/studying. “I thought we’d, like, just be caring for people and stuff! What’s with all these medical terms!”

  2. Touche, mcowles. The rotten cock does have its upside: I like to use it as the center piece in my stage show Horn Of Plenty.

  3. mc yes, there are some dumb people masquerading as professionals in many industries including health, and maybe Sydney is one of them, so God help the patients if she is. More disturbing is your story… sexual health ain’t my speciality, but the stupidity of those nurses you spoke to is shocking.
    I’m sure they teach that shit at school mc, so I suggest the next time you want some advice about your weeping member, go ask a teenager.

  4. So much stupid in one place, my brain hurts. 🙁

  5. I wish they did give you Oxycontin for acne – four of those tablets and you feel completely stoned.

    I had it recently after surgery – it was warm and floaty XD

  6. lol

  7. @word

    I’m pretty sure there would be bigger issues if I went around asking teenagers for advice about my weeping member.

    Unless “teenager” means “18+”.

    Barely legal = barely not going to jail.

  8. Let’s assume a person is “stupeid” just because they can’t spell! yay!

  9. hey, if they’re going to write it, they should at least be able to spell it. ESPECIALLY if it’s their first language! Just my opinion. Writing is essential in life and business, you look unprofessional if you can’t spell at work. You look like a complete ass if you write an insult about someone and can’t even spell it correctly.

    Calling someone stupid while making spelling errors really does make that person look like a complete idiot (or completely “stuiped” haha)

  10. And I thought you had a sense of humour mc.

  11. It’s so simple, really. If you’re typing it on the net then Google is right at your fingertips… For f**k sakes, why don’t people use it!? Typos I can understand… Spelling errors: sorry, there really is no excuse…

  12. hahaha oxycotin for acne… that would be hilarious.

  13. Its the fucking Beatles

    Way to go nurse bitch, slagging off patients’ husbands on Facebook. She needs to take that broomstick out of her arse.

    Don’t they call Oxycontin Hillybilly Heroine?

  14. Its the fucking Beatles

    *Oxycotin (please tell me I spelt this right, I don’t want to be hanged, drawn and quartered by the Grammar Police).

  15. Yeah, too bad SPELT isn’t a f*cking word =\ you’re hella stupit.

  16. Hmmm, last time I checked SPELT is a word! Being English, it is the way the Brits spell spelled. FYI.

  17. SPELT and SPELLED are two variants of SPELL. SPELT being past-tense.

  18. Spelt is a type of wheat you dumbshit.

  19. Its the fucking Beatles

    And it’s also past tense for spell dumbshit. Look it up in an ENGLISH dictionary sometime.

  20. I realise I’m super late to the party here, but I just had to make a comment. The tattoo? I think it’s supposed to be like that. I think the “i” is actually a “j” (considering it’s in script), which would make it a play on the Canadian accent. “Canadajan, eh?” Considering the Canadian sense of humour (self-mockery), I would consider this a possibility.

  21. @ Sarre – I think I am forced to disagree with you .. I think they just can’t spell. I have never heard a canadian spell it wrong on purpose. This guy could just be an idiot 🙂

  22. I must agree with Vanzie101. I am a Canadian. We don’t pronounce Canadian with a j, not even a j that doesn’t even sound like j. Phillip and Terrence are poor examples of the Canadian “accent”, if one even exists.

    I have sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to kick Andre and his stuiped (ha ha… that was fun!) tattoo artist out of the country.

  23. sarre and ria_rokz – you guys can’t be serious, can you?! it’s not that the “i” looks like a “j”! that’s how the “i” looks in that typeface. the messed up part of the tattoo is that there is an added “A” before that “i”!!!!! CANADAIAN makes no sense. this is exactly why people think CANADIANS are retarded. thanks a lot.

  24. last one: Pot, meet kettle. You match each other in weight.

  25. I hope Andre’s a Newfie. Then it might make sense.

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