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  1. Svetlana: ‘judgmental’ is the correct spelling. ‘judgemental’ is incorrect. Both ‘judgment’ and ‘judgement’ are correct spellings of the noun. Look in any dictionary. English is illogical like that.

    I normally wouldn’t take the time to point out such an error, but if you’re trying to correct others, you should at least make sure what you’re stating is correct.

  2. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/judgmental

    Lamebook never fails to make me laugh. If it’s not the posts, it’s the comments. Stupid people trying to be smug is always hilarious. Thanks, Lamebook!

  3. She was actually FUCKING amazing in Girl, Interrupted.
    But still, its so annoying when people just jump on the grief bandwagon even though they obviously have absolutly no idea who the person is/was. They just want to seem caring and nice. Real people die every day and noone gives a flying fuck about that.

  4. I agree Kathleen, you could die painfully today and it wouldn’t bother me a bit.

  5. @ nf4r


    you did say ‘look in any dictionary’

  6. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/judgemental

    They are both correct spellings, just different

  7. I couldn’t remember what Brittany Murphy was in either. But looking on Wikipedia now, I see she was in loads of things. And she was in Clueless. Also, didn’t know she was Luann in King of the Hill, and she was in Murphy Brown, Frasier and Party of Five. And she was in this film called Freeway which was a modern take on Little Red Riding Hood.

  8. You are kidding right?

  9. Svetlana

    You’re as sharp as a sackful of knives, aren’t you? You are degenerate, putrid and execrable. I feel debased just for knowing that you exist. If you aren’t an imbecile, you made a world-class effort at simulating one. Please remove that massive stick from your ass and whatever “knowledge” you think is making you superior to everyone else (i.e stop being a bitch.)

  10. @Ilost Nemo,

    Woah! Take a chill pill.

    Svetlana was only giving shit to a troll.

    Lighten up man, don’t take everything so bloody seriously.
    She/I wasn’t having a go at you, only at the idiot saying we all got trolled.

    so Ilostnemo, how about YOU take the stick out of YOUR ass and calm the fuck down.

  11. Oh, Kaoss.. so hypocritical.
    She is constantly insulting people’s grammar abilities. I see it just about every post I read. So excuse me for doing the exact same thing you guys do everyday.
    And no thank you, I’m pretty calm but I can see you’re a bit worked up over my bad-mannered words about your girlfriend.
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Fucking troll’d

  13. Kudos to IlostNemo.
    Svetlana and all her followers (or is it ‘her bitches’?) why cant you just stick to commenting on the post? Its not a necessity to know every single thing about English to enjoy lamebook. You don’t own the site, so stop acting like you do.

  14. @ IlostNemo, duuuuuude….

    I am not a ‘follower’ of anyone apart from myself on this site. Although I will admit that I laugh at how easily people get riled up over shit. As I have mentioned on previous threads (a huge convo with Father Sha) I was only pointing out that she was giving shit to a troll, (ok, yes it was a literacy based stab at them) and that she indeed was actually correct even after everyone said she wasn’t. And being as though trolls have made allot of regulars leave It’s reasonable to tell them where to go.

    I don’t take anything on this site seriously, I don’t get offended at anything, but I do like pointing out people who are making incorrect assumptions about others. You have every right to have a go at someone (whether they do it or not) but I was purely just mentioning the fact that what she said was in fact correct, and that maybe what you were saying was a bit left field.

    No need to get your knickers in a twist.

    @ wtheyyyy
    The reason I don’t stick to commenting on the post is because it’s generally more fun. I know I don’t ‘own’ this site, and I certainly don’t act as though I do, if you don’t like what I write, then don’t read it. I’m not forcing you to pay attention to what I say…

  15. KOASS

    This being the internet it’s funny how you are “making an incorrect assumption” about me being a man. Anyways, I guess we could continue this internet dispute, but I am finished.
    Maybe I did make some incorrect accusations about Svetlana, but it’s irritating seeing people focus on the spelling errors in the comments instead on focusing on the humor in the thread.
    That’s just me though.
    Have a nice day.

  16. Actually, I made no assumption on your gender, I was using the term ‘dude’ as a generic one. I see you seemed to miss my comment about not getting your knickers in a twist? So, I have made an assumption that you’re a man that wears ladies underwear? Ahhh, no. And we/I do see the humour in the threads, however it’s sometimes funny to see/read people getting riled up over little things. I am not one to correct random people unless they deserve it, but if it wasn’t their spelling that we were mocking it would be something else. I was just bringing all the issues up that people like you actually take comments seriously, like what svetlana said. I am not angry, nor am I annoyed at your comments, I am simply just pointing out things that others have done/said.


  17. I don’t think this is fail, i think this was made on purpose.

    posting good night sweet prince + a recently dead star photo + wrong name is an often joke on 4chan

  18. There are far too many posts made on this website that are just /b/ memes.
    It’s not funny to post it because it really just looks like you don’t know what it is.
    It’s not people’s stupidity, they are made on purpose.

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