Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Precious

My Precious

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  1. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Wow, the TMI flowed right out out of the post and on into the commentary this time, huh?

  2. Its not the size of a quarter, I have one in right now…its like 2-3 inches around or so.

    Mine got caught on my bf’s…member..and we didn’t realize it had happened until a week later when I went to take it out and it wasn’t there. I found it under the bed a month later, still have no clue how it ended up *there*. Had a preg scare as a result tho, cause I don’t check for it everyday so there was some unintentionally unprotected doin’-it during that week it wasn’t in. You don’t feel it at all when it’s in (or out, obv).

    Sorry, I know that was TMI but it was on topic, after all, lol.

  3. *mandy*
    Hah been there, I however have never found the mysterious “missing ring”

  4. Thesaurapist was so right. (#51)

    Discussing your private sex events on facebook is lame. The same for discussing it in the comments section of lamebook.

    Private conversations are just as possible today as they were in the olden days. I’ll advise some youngsters here to look into it.

  5. Now we know Jaqueline is the LAST person you’d ever want to have sex with. In fact, if it were just you and her on the planet, you’d probably masturbate instead.

  6. So I know this guy who was fingering a girl and accidentally pulled her NuvaRing out. LOL

  7. “I’m on Nuvaring and I told my boyfriend that if it ever ended up wrapped around his manhood he had to pull out and say “Tah dah!””

    @Alysia: This made me laugh harder than the original post!

  8. Haha, right after I went on the Nuvaring I was talking to my boyfriend, and I said something like, “Yeah, so you probably won’t be able to feel it.”

    He looked at me funny for a second and said, “It’s a /ring/ where my /dick/ is supposed to be.”

  9. I actually feel that education is not something that should be limited, no matter the topic. If someone doesn’t know, I would tell them. AT LEAST she’s trying to do something instead of continuing to heavily populate the globe as some others are…cuz they just don’t care.
    I use Nuvaring && it’s never gotten stuck lol[that had me ROLLIN]….they must not be as blessed in that department as my bf.

  10. It’s not that she’s trying to keep the global population low because she’s concerned about conceiving a child in a harsh environment and worrying about all financial, emotional and physical considerations that come along with it.
    She just wants to get laid :\

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