Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Humbleness Fail

Humbleness Fail

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  1. @Ben. Probably not worth getting that wound up about, you angry little man. I think someone’s been rejected rather a lot over the years eh?! Good boy x

  2. Maybe its relationships dont last cuz its got its head stuck up its ass

  3. it?

    that’s a bit “it puts the lotion on its skin”

    scary dude

  4. well because no actual, real person would talk about themselves as highly as Jamie does.

    she’s an it.

  5. Fucking Hell, again with the abuse. I take the piss out of someone who is, by all accounts, clearly a shallow bitch, and I get abuse! I particularly love the playground attempt at putting me in my place. Nice work, Kong.

    You are clearly an intellectual giant, humbling me and teaching me a valuable lesson. Thank you. Thank you for being here, and thank you for saving the internet.

  6. I don’t think she is ugly. I think she is not unattractive, but she is attractive, certainly not “gorgeous” or even “very pretty”.

    She has a bit of growing up to do, that’s for sure. And having a long term relationship just isn’t based on levels of attractiveness. Of the people I know in my little circle, both very attractive people have great relationships as well as the not-so-attractive people, same goes for those in shitty relationships. They are all dating people in the same level of attractiveness as well, which negates the thought of their partners level of attractiveness if they are at the same level. So what else do they have to go by? Personality.

    Jamie, it is in your best interest to not worry about looks and start developing a personality by experiencing life and education. At least you are young and have a ways to go, so there is hope.

  7. I bet she cheats on all of her boyfriends and then blames her infidelity on them. That and I bet she has huge meat curtains cause she is so insecure she fucks everyone.

  8. @Spanky: The size of a woman’s outer labia has nothing to do with how many times she has had sex. It’s hereditary.

    And there’s your anatomy lesson for the day. Although, meat curtains is a pretty nice visual.

  9. And by “outer labia”, I mean labia minor. *Sigh* Anatomy fail.

  10. No, by “outer labia” you would mean “labia majora”. The inner ones are the “labia minora”.

    Although it’s moot anyway since sex wouldn’t affect what either set of labia looks like.

    Unless your idea of foreplay is letting midgets swing from them.

  11. Jamie I sympathise.. except that I AM 100% happy without a partner (maybe you should see a psych about that? It’s REALLY SERIOUSLY UNHEALTHY to think that way)
    Personally my issue with men is that I play them and then decide I actually kind of like them after already rejecting them emotionally. Or I get distracted in bed and they feel emasculated. I have on multiple occassions been known to abuse a guy for treating me badly then ignore him for weeks until I’m waaaasted and send a 4am txt. Plus I am completely unwilling to change.
    If you do any of these things, the problem is you.

  12. don’t be so hard on yourself jamie, your actually really ugly… so on your own rule, ur relationship will last a lifetime


  14. This is so simple to explain.
    You are dated DUE to your looks. So in the short time it takes for him to see who you are as a person he realizes even your immense beauty isn’t enough to make dealing with your horrific personality worth it. You are then dumped or blown off.

    A “less attractive” girl as you put it probably doesn’t walk around a fake bitch and her personality is seen right off. Making no surprises when being with her. She as a person is already loved.

    I have a feeling these ugly girls are actually pretty just not disgustingly fake and get good relationships. Making you a jealous bitch who calls them ugly to make yourself feel better.

  15. The convo that someone posted above in the tiny pic just proves what a shallow person she is. I would never stand to be with someone who has that point of view or talks like that. Her bad personality shines right through.

  16. Jamie, if you had a baby, would you pee on it?

  17. I so understand i have a boyfriend at the moment been with him 7month but all i get is he looking at you and so is he i get home and i get how mny guys been looking at you 2day, i wish he understod let them look cause am i with and hu do i love and come home to every night

  18. skidagurl-
    You should think about coming home to a grammar tutor every night.

  19. @8- it hurt my mind’s eye to look at your word picture!

  20. Pretty sure the reason you’re seen as an object is ’cause you’re a dumb whore. I’ve been a few long relationships, and I’m fuckin’ smokin’.
    Sorry, narcissism is my fail.

  21. LifeIs42…

    Lets jive.

  22. Yes that is what happens to pretty girls. Sucked in. It’s what you get for tormenting me with your looks.

  23. See Jamie, what you fail to comprehend here, is that by stating what you did the way you did, you’ve insulted every female in a relationship that has *lasted*
    Now, what is your definition of *lasted*? Shall we say one year or more? You have, essentially, told every female whose relationship has lasted a year or more that she is *not so attractive* while you yourself are gorgeous. You’ve chalked up their ability to maintain a relationship to strictly looks or lack thereof. You can make a relationship last? You must not be attractive.
    Now clearly, there are a bazillion gajillion women who are smarter than you. That goes without saying. It could be it’s the smarts that keep a relationship going and not the looks. But you, being *not so smart* have yet to explore that possiblity so instead, you go around blindly insulting every woman who has the intelligence to make a relationship last a year. And frankly, it really doesn’t even take that much intelligence. So you are seriously lacking if you can’t manage to swing that. Seriously.

  24. nice long comment idiot

  25. They “last a long time” because they are usually a lot more down-to-earth and selfless. BYATCH.

  26. You must be fat Jessi.

  27. Wow E, aren’t you mature. Sounds like you belong right up there in the same category as Jamie. Anyways, in my opinion #7 hit it right on the dot.

  28. Any girl who claims to be gorgeous on their status is obviously pig fucking ugly

  29. @notthemessaiah…I don’t know, dude. Those’re the hottest pixels I’ve seen in a long while, truth be told.

    But in all honesty..Someone’s quite vain. At least she’s come to terms with the fact that she’ll forever be an object.

  30. Perhaps she doesn’t do well in relationships, not because she’s “so gorgeous”, but because she’s so vain. People who are too narssicistic are a major turn off.

  31. Good on ya, Molly. I’d agree.

  32. At least she admits what is a fact of life.

  33. The word’s humility, not humbleness.

  34. …that’s actually pretty ugly and conceited…maybe that’s why she can’t last so long in a relationship?

  35. do object wants buttsecks?

  36. tragic.

  37. if by object, you mean conceited bitch, yeah, i get that vibe from you.

  38. how do bitches like this even get men? a lil confidence is good but this shit is just too much.

  39. willthegreatest

    women are objects

  40. And willthegreatest is an ass.

  41. So Jamie’s single?

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