Friday, November 19, 2010

Nailin’ the Palins

See the full story of the Palins on Facebook here!

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  1. What a lovely bunch, those Palins are
    And they reproduce at an alarming rate if I understand correctly

  2. I do not have a life also. I’m using my time to comment on this page with filth flarn filth.

  3. I like Michael Palin, Sarah’s second cousin on her mothers side.

    He travels the world and talks to people about dead parrots…. neither are related to the guy out of Monty Python.

  4. Bristol: “No you just run your mouth so you’ll get a reaction. You’re a typical shit talker. Talking shit cause you have nothing else going for you.”

    Look at the pot’s daughter calling the kettle black.


  5. xmakoreactantx


  6. If we know its the Palins’ why even bother censoring their last names? I feel bad for the guy who had to black out Palin 500 times in the full conversation of HuffPost.

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