Tuesday, June 26, 2012

National Treasure

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  2. ^fuck off, shithead.

    Pretty sure that walmart won the US constitution from fannie mae in ’87 in a game of cards.

  3. Wait…this guy is going to college? It’s “taken aback” not “taken back”. And “for being a conspiracy” should be “for being in a conspiracy” unless being a conspiracy is the newest fad.


  4. I love nature.

  5. I like misanthropy’s comment regarding the card game, Haha! Classic! Cuz that shit happened for realz my ninjaz.

  6. I fucked Cassidy. Thank god for the second amendment, otherwise my massive dong would be illegal…or something like that.

  7. I can count to potato.

  8. Americans. It is Autumn. Not Fall.

    Whilst we’re fucking at it, stop talking about fanny packs. It sounds like you’re all keeping your important travel documents and cameras stashed up the Mrs’s cock bin.

  9. ^Shut the fuck up, you pretentious bastard.

  10. Fucking idiot.

  11. @Imamofo

    Why do you think they have such ‘tight’ security at airports?

    Bomb in the fanny pack. Classic trick. Arm it with one pelvic floor thrust. Detonate with two.

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