Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Friends

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  1. I wish all the best to her and her one cute little herpy.

  2. Herpes is fake, the government is using it to scare us.

  3. Herpes, you cheating ass hole. I thought I was your one and only.

  4. She got it from YOU, and you got it from that goat.

  5. Beware of goats. They have insatiable appetites.

  6. Herpes, the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. He should have marryed a nice girl like me!! <3

  8. I’m afraid you don’t just go from “married” to “single” just like that. Even if your wife is a cheating scumbag.

  9. I once fucked a muck dump who had herpes… oh no sorry it wasn’t herpes it was leukaemia.. I always get those two mixed up.

    Herpes is the one where you play dot-to-dot with the cum and sex spots ain’t it? Leukaemia is the one where you have to wear an oversized baseball cap and go to Disney World right?

  10. Oh Mofo, I have no words.

  11. Then let me help….

    ‘Ohhh Mofo, your talk of sick looking baldies is making me so damp I squelch when I walk’


    ‘Mofo with all this talk of herpes sex I got three of my knuckles wet

  12. Please stop, I’m fragile today.

  13. Was that Stop as in STOP or Stop as in ‘Put both of them back in and pinch my nose’? I can never tell the difference…

    So I just normally assume the second one.

  14. hey, mofo, your wordpress is the shit. why don’t you ever update, asscake?

  15. About a year ago some politically correct Wankenstein waged a cyber war on me, stealing passwords etc. It was a pretty one sided affair as my only recourse was to try and convince people that I was me. When you’re actually me, owning up to being me can be a pretty degrading thing to do…

    Upshot is I got my account back about a month ago… watch that space… or have a wank… or both.

  16. I don’t want to her your bullshit excuses. I want results. Last week.

  17. *hear…ah, fuck it. I really cannot spell for shit. I honestly believe that hear is actually spelled her.
    And I can never move on from this.

  18. I look forward to more of your disgustignness then, mofo. I missed it, you crazy son of a bitch.

  19. ^True Dat

  20. I often wonder how you’re capable of logging onto the internet and type in words? ^

  21. As you’ve proven, Flames, typing words into the computer is only half the battle.
    Try to be consistent with your verb tenses and you’ll sound less retarded.

  22. sometimes you have to degrade yourself and fit into a format they might comprehend

  23. Your degredation has reached its limit. Please stop.

  24. Hey, mofo, why would a politically correct Wankenstein want access to your online accounts, in all their glorious, filthy brilliance? Was he posting happy-clappy Christian shit under your ensign?

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