Thursday, May 10, 2012

That Awkward Moment…

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  1. I am that man on the right. This is fake.

  2. this onez dum

  3. I am the one on the left, and you said your name was Timmy!

  4. I’ve seen this before… lame.
    Haha… lame

  5. What is this?

  6. .. .and find out they are both FBI agents.

  7. OMG This is SOOO rong!!! Gross people like that should not be allowed on computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  8. bitch, you need to be banned from computers.

  9. Why r u so angry? Is it cause GOD hates flamers???

  10. Sorry that was really mean of me……………….. I shouldn’t speak for God <3

  11. Isn’t that Crocodile Dundee?

  12. Once when I was a child I tried to hook up with a paedophile but due to an amusing set of coincidences and a half deaf zoo keeper I actually ended up on a date with a crocodile.

    I still let it fuck me though.

  13. Imamofo – You’re on top of your game today. Funny comments on the other one too – wrong as shit, but funny nonetheless.
    Sexcibunny, you ma’am, are a troll. Go away.

  14. Cheers for that fuckface!

    I was on top of your mum yesterday.

    Disclaimer: That is the first ‘Your Mum’ joke I have used since leaving … his mums house but I just couldn’t resist. I apologise if any mum’s were offended by this response.

  15. ^I was only offended because it was too stupid to be properly offensive.
    Dude, you need to focus.

  16. Haha, hadn’t seen this before, made me chuckle, good work lamebook

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