Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Kid on the Chopping Block

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  1. Exactly what I was thinking Th3_G. LOL

  2. hahaha lessons learned the hard way. THINK cretins!

    for a start, these days fb makes it easy for you to hide all sorts of stuff from friend lists, so your mam never need know about all the shit you get up to, even if she is your fb friend.

    and secondly, yeh brett must be retarded too – “dude, who the fuck are you and why did you add me sweet boy?” – it takes TWO to “make friends”, fucken idiot

  3. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    I just shaved “SBSNC” on the back of my head.

  4. Awww – I laughed but I feel bad for him.
    Hopefully he can play it off all cool like and turn the situation around.
    I don’t have an issue with my parents on Facebook (thought neither of them are on there) but I would set my privacy levels to a different thing and set guidelines.

    And hey – adding people on facebook before starting somewhere is a good idea. It’s easier to break the ice online often.

  5. I think it’s insane for a male between the age of 14 (or whatever age you need to be to be on Facebook) and 30 to have their parents as friends. Otherwise your guy friends can’t be trusted not to be complete wieners.

    finally – agreed. Maybe Brett wants some sweet lovin’ from sweet boy.

    That nickname will probably get Carl laid before the week is up.

  6. hehe the poor sod , just at your new school and mommy mocking things up for you. That’s just uncalled for.

    My mom is on my facebook but she is pretty cool and if her making lame comments on my facebook enables my friends to be the royal pricks that they are , well then it is for a good cause.

    Parents and their cyber concerns , it is nice to feel less out of touch sometimes.

  7. hahaa pwned by mom

  8. This is obviously fake. This is from GTA San Andreas. Carl is Carl Johnson CJ, Sweet is his brother and the mom is dead, that’s why CJ got to the new school of gangstas and made friends there.

  9. dawnofthedeadling

    That’s not lame, that’s sad.

  10. #58: I think you read too much into this. Once CJ’s mother was murdered, he left but he came back when he saw fit and he joined back with his “old school of gangstas”. CJ didn’t make new friends when he went back to Grove St. but he had to know people who knew people in San Fierro and all that business. Yes, CJ’s brother’s nickname was “Sweet” but this post has nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This is clearly just an overbearing, yet loving mother posting on her son’s page. You read waaaay too far into that.

  11. good thing this is fake, it’d be so sad if it was real; sadder still: being named Carl!

  12. Hahahahahahahahahahaha at Mikaubodom !!!

  13. Aww, I really feel sorry for this kid.

    And I don’t know why people think it’s so weird. I think it’s a pretty cool way to get to know people before they start school. It’s a shame kids are so fucking immature.

  14. NB: Yeah, I know, don’t point it out.

  15. Why do people accept a friendship invitations of someone and only after that start to ask who he is?

  16. Fake, for a few reasons.

    First, don’t you think all submissions with posts from a kid’s mom that are signed “Mom” are fake? Because Carl doesn’t already know Mary is his Mom, she has to sign it?

    Second, all the names are simple, unimaginative, and white: Mary, Carl, Don, Greg, etc.

    Third, the entire scenario is from a Malcom in the Middle episode. Though the encounter with his mother happened IRL at the school, and he was nicknamed Stain.

  17. You know, Fungoid, I really hate people like you.

    First, you call everything out as being fake. Even if it is, who cares? It’s still really hilarious.

    Second, your name is unoriginal and unfunny. I ran into three Fungoids on my way to the store today. That’s five minutes away!

    Third, you watched Malcolm in the Middle.

  18. Fungoid, it very well may be fake for other reasons I don’t care about, but my mother used to sign “Love, Mom” to instant messages and Facebook posts.

  19. This is grounds for mom’s removal.

    I’ll never understand why Moms on facebook feel the need to publicly embarass their children. I’m glad my mom isn’t like that.

  20. The whole “NEVER have your mum on FB” is a bit ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I am, you know, an ADULT, I don’t think the fact that your mother loves you is ‘ like ZMG the most totally embarrassing thing evar, lol’
    Yes, the problem is with the mother, and not the fucking idiotic bullies.
    Having said that, don’t go around and add a whole bunch of people you don’t know.

  21. Either the mom is incredibly dumb or just callous. I would NEVER do anything like that to my kid!

  22. Stupid parents. Stop trying to be your kid’s friend and get your own already.

  23. mary is an idiot. i hate her.

  24. Hang on. They still needed to accept him as a friend on facebook. So they just add first and ask who later?

  25. @ 67.Vlamenni: that was very funny.

    I love to embarrass my kids, I do it all the time. Whats the point of having kids if you cant laugh at them?

  26. @spanka: Ha haaa! I almost want kids now, just to embarrass the little beggars every chance I get. Almost. *shudders at the thought*

    “Sweet boy”? Poor Carl, but it could have been so much worse… Now, “Sugarnipples” has teenage angst and much bullying written all over it… Mwahahaha!

  27. worst_episode_ever

    this was very, very funny. me like. the mom is obviously retarded, she signs her post -Mom. even though it says her name right there. god, poor carl../

  28. “Sweet Boy’s” mom sounds like she attended the Rosanne Barr school of the maternal arts.

    Sort of like the episode of Malcomb in the Middle where Malcomb’s mom is there for his first day of HS and reams him about a stain on his pants in front of everyone on the quad. Poor little dude.

  29. @msjessiemeghan
    I don’t care how old you are: If you ascribe your mom to the “more funny and entertaining commenters”, then you either have a messed up parental fixation or some really shitty FB friends.

  30. @A whole bunch of people above (I don’t feel like including all of your names).

    The rudeness of “the other kids” is neither Carl’s fault nor his mother’s fault. Carl’s approach is common for students first entering school. Flaming another student because of something his mother says is just ridiculous and juvenile.

  31. Carl, don’t worry. You still have Sheen and Jimmy. And llamas. And Mrs. Neutron.


  32. lol @freezit4 most especially llamas

  33. About Carl’s post.. isn’t it stupid of Bret to ask “who the fuck are you and why did you add me” When the answer is already obvious?

  34. Has Carl met any of the little punks who left the posts? Bet they aren’t so mean in person. Keep yer chin up Carl.

  35. LAST!!!

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