Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Problems

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  1. My head hurts from the un-funniness of this. I guess lame is what you would call these posts.

    Damn you LB! This is supposed to help my procrastination! atm, I might rather studying to this…. What have you done to me….


  2. I second the “yumm” to the “pussy” chow…extra peanut butter and, eh, I guess sprinkle some powdered sugar. 😉

  3. The revolution/resolution one is stupid because it’s obviously an auto correct or auto word on Swype, which makes Garth a total dick.

  4. Also Garth, since you’re so into correcting stuff like an arrogant ass, it’s “let’s.” As in “let us.”

  5. I wonder which is worse explanation for pussy chow, is it from cats or vaginas?

  6. I don’t know which, if either at all, would be better….

  7. I want to see Nigella Lawson make pussy chow. Or at the very least, say it.

  8. Douchie, lighten up, this is actually a humor site!

  9. Which is why I require actual humor, not the “lame people being dicks” posts. Gosh, lighten up.

  10. My new years resolution is to pray everynight that Rebecca never reproduces.

  11. Wow that’s a coincidence, I slept at my cousin’s this New Years Eve too!

    Well sort of…. swap ‘slept’ for ‘raped’ and ‘cousin’ for ‘unsuspecting drunk friend’ and you’ll get the picture.

  12. Aren’t languages spelt with capitals? Like English, with a capital E.

  13. Hm… I wonder. I guess it all depends on how you spell the work “spelt.” Make sure you check your English before calling someone out of theirs.

    P.S. The correct spelling is spelled.

  14. @nitewlf12: Actually, the British often spell it ‘spelt’, you ignorant Yankee twonk.

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