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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m really enjoying the Whitney Houston jokes. Oh and I’m Blirst!

  2. I support the flags being flown at half mass – they were too heavy to start with.

  3. I like to fly my flags at half mast, upside down and on fire.

  4. I would normally pass this joke along, but I am embarrassed that people who are obviously witty enough to come up with the joke aren’t intelligent enough to spell “mast” correctly.

  5. Why are all these white people making jokes about Whitney? No respect for the dead, and she died less than a week ago for God’s sake. Shit aint even funny, and she deserves the flag at half mast, look at her achievements. She’s the most awarded female performer of all time. People make mistakes, you can’t base their legacies on them.

  6. ^ It’s because all white people are mutants that have sex with squirrels or something like that. Dammit,’ve forgotten the whole spiel. Where’s Ytmutation when you need him?

  7. She sang a few good songs well, before fucking her life up. That’s all it takes to get a flag flown at half mast? Jeebus.

    Or maybe I’m just heartless because I’m one of the mutants that made her do it cos black people don’t do wrong stuff on their own.

  8. I want a Face Phone!

  9. ladyGB, you sound like a misanthropist.

  10. Yall some dickheads. Just remember Ms.Houston for her voice and talents, that’s what her legacy and impact is. I bet if it was Celine Dion or some shit who had died people wouldn’t be complaining bout the flags being at half mast.

  11. Penis McGuillicutty

    Whitney Houston is dead?

  12. Who is Whitney Houston?

  13. #10, mostly agreed, but people *really* hate Celine Dion.

  14. Remember someone ‘cos they were lucky enough to be born with a talent that they subsequently throw away? Fuck that.

  15. I thought she died in 1988. That’s when I stopped giving a crap about her, anyway.

  16. Celine Dion is one rich Bitch.

  17. @#10
    I don’t know what you think the demographic for this site is, but I doubt many people here are the 40 year old mothers who are Celine Dion fans. Also, Celine is Canadian. I don’t see how you can possibly justify it for a singer if they never did anything but sing and act. Movies and songs may provide the masses with some time-wasting entertainment, but it is not a service to our country. It’s not like she wrote the national anthem. It’s not even like she was a gold medal winner who represented our country at the Olympics. She was singing for herself (ie paycheck) and her fans, but not for her country. It didn’t do us a lick of good

  18. #14 + #17 – I agree.
    @10 If it was Celine Dion that died in the same way, I absolutely would have the same opinion. But moreso, because it’s her.

  19. Oh and Crusty – I ain’t no misanthropist. I’m naturally full of love and sunshine and fluffiness. But I fight it.

  20. laneezy23, you’re a joke.

    1. It is not just white people making jokes about Whitney Houston’s death.
    2. People usually make jokes about celebrities’ deaths within days / hours of their demise, white celebrities included. Race has no relevance. The more predictable the death, the quicker the jokes are rolled out (refer: Amy Winehouse and Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin).
    3. Whitney Houston’s “legacy” and “impact” was to educate the general masses on what happens when you throw your blessings, talent and life away on an addiction.
    4. If she had no respect for her voice or her life, why should we?

  21. &5.For a drug-addled mess, she was still pretty fucking boring.

  22. Besides the Bodyguard and I will always love you what were her achievements? That is all I’ve heard from her.

  23. @22 It’s not right, but it’s OK, Thunderpuss remix.

  24. I only said Celine Dion because I couldn’t think of anyone else at the moment, maybe Madonna would have been a better choice but foreal foreal I don’t give a fuck. All I’m saying is when people die you’re not supposed to remember them for the mistakes they made while living, that isn’t their legacy. And for people who don’t know much about Whitney it really is a black thing and I’m not tryna be a dickhead by saying that.

  25. Bah. Take your hand-clappy respect for the dead elsewhere.
    “When people die you’re not supposed to remember them for the mistakes they made while living”. Is that REALLY what you think?

    I guess history has it wrong then, and we should cease to remember all the bad shit (i.e. mistakes) that Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Genghis Khan and their evil brethren have done whilst living. You twit.

  26. #24 “And for people who don’t know much about Whitney it really is a black thing” You’re talking about crack, right?

  27. No, I think she means Whitney really is a black thing. A bit harsh; I thought laneezy liked her at first.

  28. I aint talking bout crack you faggots. And I’m not a female. Yall stupid crackers really got shit twisted but it’s whatever. It’s only in America where they build someone up and then tear them down, primarily black people too. Like Tupac said “In America we eat our babies”, and that’s a metaphor for you ignorant douches.

  29. Bacchante You’re stupid as shit. How can you compare Whitney Houston to Genghis Khan, Saddam, or Hitler? Like drug addiction is even close to being as terrible as genocide. Yeah Whitney did coke, so the fuck what, yall acting like she was the only human on the planet to have a drug problem, shit aint new. Why can’t people ever rest in peace? People always gotta talk shit, if you don’t have anything positive words or memories of a person who’s passed just keep your mouth shut, it’s not like they’re here to hear you. RIP Whitney Houston.

  30. Obviously she wasn’t evil like those non-African American people I mentioned. But you seem to think that dead people deserve respect…for being fucking dead. EVERYone dies, but obviously, not everyone deserves respect. Where do you get off telling people that they should speak well of ANYone?

    The ONLY thing that matters, and the only thing that we have control over, is what we do with our own lives. Fucking it all up does not give a person carte blanche to have only the good memories remain in the public conscience.

    No, drug addiction is not as terrible as genocide. It’s a cancer of our society that kills off the weak. That’s enough to earn derision. Pity too, but fuck, these people make their own choices. I’d prefer to put my energy into supporting people whose misfortunes were thrust upon them through no fault of their own.

    “Ms Houston” probably IS resting in peace. I doubt that she comes onto Lamebook to read what the bad people are saying about her after death. She’s just, you know, chilling in her place of rest. You’re the one feeling affronted by strangers’ perceptions of a person you’ve never even met.

  31. fuck the boring, caramel-coloured cunt.
    I’m glad she’s dead.

  32. This is how I see it, she’s passed away and people need to get over it. Why bring her name up if you’re only gonna talk shit about her? Sure I didn’t know her but I sure have grown up listening to her music so it’s still a shame to see her go the way she did. I also know that there’s a family hurting due to the loss of a daughter, sister, and mother.

    Sure in her later years she was making more headlines for her problems than her music but what do you expect, when you’re in the spotlight everyone can see you. I just think it isn’t fair that people are making more notice of the bad times in her life rather than the good. We all know Whitney had a coke problem, she did too, and she eventually tried to help herself for her daughter. And if you guys didn’t know it wasn’t ILLEGAL drugs that killed her, it was the Xanax she was prescribed to fight the anxiety attacks that come with withdrawal from a controlled substance. She was clean.

    But you gotta remember what Whitney has done for music and people. She’s still the best selling, most rewarded female performer of all time and there’s no denying that, you can’t even knock it. There hasn’t been anyone who has sung the national anthem better than she did, why do think they called her “The Voice”?

    And I’m not tryna joe her up or anything, I just don’t like seeing anyone being disrespected after death,it doesn’t matter who they were, I don’t even have to like them.

  33. oh and to MsAnneThrope you’re a dirty weirdo bitch. I bet your pussy dry as shit

  34. me no speaky e-bon-ics.
    me not understand your rant. 🙁

  35. # 32: Yep, I see where you’re coming from. I also think being spoken of during life and after death, whether for good or evil intent, is one of the trade-offs for fame and fortune.

    And nope, I have no idea which drug/s killed her, because I couldn’t care less, really. Dependence on, or unhealthy doses of, prescribed drugs is akin to dependence on, or unhealthy doses of, illegal substances.

    I could rant about the FDA and US citizens’ addiction to prescription medication, but that’s probably enough out of me for one day.

  36. @ MsAnneThrope you’re pretty bold from behind that keyboard,I bet you wouldn’t be running off the mouth with that racist shit in real life.

  37. ^are you fucking kidding me? nigs are mindlessly violent, bike-thieving, criminals.

    do i look stupid to you??

  38. @laneezy23, “Cracker” is a racist term, too.

  39. no way.
    only decent white folk are allowed to be racist. we own that shit.

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