Monday, January 9, 2012

Nice, Mom

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  1. It must be so great being a parent and being able to embarrass your children to no end, especially in a public forum.

    Time to start pricking holes in condoms methinks.

  2. That was funny, and Mom is probably right. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said, “Ewww.”

  3. Dragon if you start putting holes in condoms your posh wanks are gunna get really messy.

  4. This is more of a highdeas topic, but I’m not registered on there, and i’m growin kinda fond of some of you cunts, so…I was in the butchers this morning, and there was cows brains for sale, and I thought to myself, if we eat brain, why don’t we inherit their thoughts?

    I said the same to my Dad, who replied, well, brains work on electrical impulses don’t they? So I thought well, one day, they’re gunna be able to “plug” two brains together, right? But my dad said, well, what if the two “plugged in” brains in one body start fighting? So I replied, well you could control them, but then I thought, wait! Do our brains control us, or do we control them? I some scientific boffin could please explain in laymen’s terms…

  5. In the original it ends with more of a flourish:

    Amy Benton Xxxxx: The last boob you touched was mine when I breast fed u! LOL
    Michael James Xxxxx: Nawh mom leave I get plenty of boob
    Amy Benton Xxxxx: Your sisters doesn’t count!
    Michael James Xxxxx: Ewww leave
    (With thanks to Allisonn Louisee Parsonn)

    Lamebook either edited it or found a sanitised version.

  6. ^ Why would they edit that stuff out?
    That makes it better.

  7. @ crustylovelips – On behalf of everyone: Stop being such a fucking tryhard with your retarded, unfunny and irrelevant ramblings on here. Nobody cares.

  8. @ Rubert – you’re a sad fucking joke of a man to go look those people up, I’m sure your glasses are steaming up behind that screen at the thought of jerking off now that you can see their faces and profile pictures properly, but please – don’t share their names, you thoughtless fucktard.

  9. ^^ Denied the tit from birth, huh? It’s ok, i’ve got an average 6 incher here i’ll happily let you suckle on instead.

  10. Or the other way around. Lamebook has the mom but the screenshot on that site does not.

  11. Burn.

  12. well, the kid set himself up for that one… why would you post something like that so your family can see it? (or at all…)

  13. Why are the photos not blurred?

  14. Seriously Lamebook, who are you employing?. The name + picture blurs are truly dreadful.

  15. @ DanR – see – Allisonn shares her name. And don’t try to sweet talk me, you’re not my type.

  16. I like seeing parents actually parent on FB but mocking your kids for pretending to be grown up thugged out sex addicts.

  17. ^ in her comment on the link.

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