Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nicely Done

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  1. ummm…it’s April.

  2. Wachtung, baby!

  3. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren’t you, lamebook?

  4. What the hello do they do in school anymore?

  5. ^Rock History.

  6. Ah yes… one of the NEW 3R’s

  7. Lamebook stopped trying. Let’s have a moment of silence.

  8. Not sure, Maybecakes. I have a feeling that there is so much that we used to find incredulous for FB status and conversation that we can no longer find anything that catches our eye as bizarre. Someone will have to come up with a whole new realm of idiocracy.

  9. Your comments suffice

  10. The “F” word used to grab my attention. Now people walk around with it on their t-shirts, and it’s commonly used in movies, and not even for emphasis.
    Blue hair used to catch my eye. The nomadic African tribes with their tattoos and crazy ear piercing used to fascinate me. I can see that any day I like now, I don’t need to watch Untamed World.
    I think we all got so open-minded that our brains fell out.

  11. ^ I meant that to also include the crazy inventive spelling that people use, as well as the lack of proper grammar and sentence structure. Also included is the lack of any form of decency, for example wearing hats inside restaurants, spitting in public, wearing clothes that are 100 times too small for the new “average” size person.

  12. fail book . com is fresher and updated far more often.. plus everything that is uploaded goes onto a “vote” page so you can see ALL submissions, not just the ones that make it past the blind drunken one-fingered monkey responsible for pushing through lamebook updates.

    the only thing this site is good for is the blind drunken one-fingered monkey named MAT who occupies the comment section and makes me feel happy and successful with regards to my appearance, hobbies, and overall life Love you, MAT!

  13. Get outta here then

  14. This is fake.

  15. hats inside restaurants? i would settle for clothes inside restaurants. since when is it ok to wear your pajamas in public. just because they serve breakfast doesn’t mean i need to see you in your bvd’s.

  16. you keep that rage alive, ooobie.
    at least that way you can feel *something*, you poor, empty shell of a girl.

  17. They found this one in the trash and said; “Why F%^&ing not?”

  18. ^how is that pronounced?

  19. hokay.
    I just spent some time at that other site oobie was masturbating about up there in comment 12.

    people were holding hands supportively and singing in harmony! there was bright sunshine and bowls of complimentary xanax! it was an amazing place of great beauty….


    it was chock-filled with sycophants and everyone was sucking each other’s dicks. no one was calling out anyone else for being a fat, tedious, fucking bore. as a result, the whole place has been over-run with a herd of fat, tedious, fucking bores.

  20. that’s a shame, some xanax woulda gone down nice…

  21. the point of the other site is for FB ridiculousness, not the fresh treasure trove of cunt scented sniping found here. I totally agree that the comment section of fail book sucks crusty nuts.

  22. oobie, I checked it out too. Nice little gem, thanks. Now all it needs is some of your naughty Lamebookers over there and we’re sorted.

  23. ^’little gem’ = fucking awful, right? the layout there makes my eyes bleed + far too many fucking memes.

  24. ^^^^fuck you, asshole.

  25. ^boo hoo.

  26. Cunt-scented sniping is the best kind of sniping.

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