Monday, September 21, 2009

Nothin’ Like Mam’s Cookin’


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  1. Lmaoooooooooo suck out!

  2. OWNED

  3. That’s what you get you punk bitch.

  4. Why do white people insist on fucking up Chinese food in their homes? Just get some take out, you fucking tourist.


  5. Now that’s a Geordie girl. I know because I now live in Newcastle. Mam, lush and aii. Unmistakeable.

  6. I find it funny that two people liked it, also.

  7. BOZ – she did get take away, Dinky Boy.

  8. The only thing going down the drain in that Chinese. I presume she had a takeaway – my white ass cooks safer Chinese than most of the takeaways around here.

  9. The point please…?

  10. I also have to mention the use of (Y)… I didn’t know that Facebook had the same emoticons as MSN! Oh wait… THEY DON’T.

  11. Sounds like her dad’s an abusive bastard. Deliberately giving her food poisoning so she can’t leave the house, making her stay in the purpose built basement where he’ll have his way with her, They’l;l have children, celebrate xmas, etc., all the while leading a normal life with mam upstairs. Oh, wait. That’s been done. Sorry, Newcastle right? Not Neu-Pischelsdorf.

  12. Why do two people like the second status? Why?

  13. Coli? Why aye, man!

  14. @M That’s cuz her dad took her out for chinese and ended up getting food poisoning. You follow?

  15. haha definitely not too soon.

  16. Why aye, she’s definitely cowpin’ her chinky doon the netty geet fast as owt, like….if she’s not a Geordie, she could be a ‘sand dancer’…

    Phonetic Geordie, anyone?

  17. @Boz: The chinese food they serve in almost every Chinese Restaurant is Americanized bullshit. I’ve talked to quite a few native Chinese people and they call most of the food “candy food” that they wouldn’t let their own kids touch.

    Cooking Chinese food at home is fun and you get to at least know what goes into it. I made some sesame chicken the other day that was actually SLIGHTLY healthy!

    Btw, is Gemma’s dad’s name “aii”? Or is that the sound she makes because she loves him so much?

  18. She could also be from Sunderland or any other neighbouring town around there. Just coz she says mam doesn’t mean she is a Geordie.

  19. Flied cat will do that everytime…

  20. “a lush chinese” …man? no wonder she got food poisoning.

  21. “everything gets shit as well. thats my life down the drain”

    Is it just me or is she implying what i think she is?

  22. Ewww she’s crapping in the sink….?

  23. She could also be from the Stains Massiv, aiii

  24. Shoulda stuck to moms cooking, eh?

  25. @mcowles

    I could never touch American Chinese fast food. I imagine it comes as something of a shock to Chinese visitors. But, by the same token, I have no faith in non-Chinese people winging it either. The potential for fuckups is too great.

  26. Boz, you’re a douche

  27. Here’s thinking good poop thoughts 🙂

  28. fail

  29. Wang, you’re a troll.

  30. It’s fake, the comments are in descending order from date!
    The newest comes first!

  31. @Mikey King:

    Even if you’re right, the juxtaposition is still hilarious.

  32. no boz you really are a douche

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