Monday, October 25, 2010

O’ Mother

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  1. Englebert Humperdinck!

  2. I was breastfed by gypsies as a child. My immune system is impregnable thanks to the dirty milk.

  3. Oh come on. Anyone with a name like Taffy is gonna get pulled.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Taffy D just wasted an excellent opportunity to come up with a win. What kind of comeback is “I don’t think so!!!!”

  5. Taffy D may be the mother as they have the same surname initial as the original post.

  6. @Dukey maybe it’s a win if you read it like she was moving her head around as she said it.

  7. The best part of these was the name Kip.
    “I have a sexy learning disability, what do I call it again Kip?” “..sigh..sexlexia.”. 🙂

  8. Paul, relax, it’s not so strange. Carmen was what is known in the biz as your “wet nurse”.

    It does sound kind of dirty, though, doesn’t it?

  9. Also pedantic is Wallace. Lol.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    A “Wet nurse” is an excellent idea for a girl’s Halloween costume

  11. @jayne I didn’t notice that the Slayer writer was named Kip. Suppose Mary Beth is just mad because she’s a Winger fan, but Kip likes the heavier stuff.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Wednesday #7 yeah that makes it a little more win worthy.

  13. Shame Taffy couldn’t be a man’s name – would be great if it was his dad. Rather than mum waving her head around, dad would be waving the fist around.

  14. Taffy could be a man’s name, if he’s Welsh.

  15. The Subject of the posts says it all for me…for now.

  16. Use punctuation Kathy, you asshat.

  17. Jayne, I am afraid I cannot let this slide. It is ‘Kif’ as in ‘Lt. Kif Kroker.’
    Kip. Kids these days…

  18. tikitommy is racist against Gypsies. :'( We Gypsy-Americans are disappointed.

  19. @jayne
    my first thought with Kip and “Slayer” ran to Kip Kinkel, the school shooter from Springfield, Oregon.

  20. As a child, whenever I was studying the presidency of Warren Harding, Slayer always popped into my mind. So I can’t really blame the kid.

  21. Fuuuuuuuuuuck. 🙁 and would you believe I’ve religiously watched every episode and movie? How embarassing.

  22. It’s ok jayne, I’m sure if you ask, the space pope will grant you an indulgence.



  24. Oh yes. mad2 saw it as well. Good on him/her.

  25. Oh my mother….I’ve been saying Kif wrong ever since I first gazed upon an episode of that series. -.- I’m actually pissed and embarrassed….I too, thought it was Kip!

    mad2, I suppose I was one of those “kids these days.” …”those days”? Fuck, I don’t know.

  26. Keona, considering my age, I’m not sure I can call many people ‘kids these days.’ It was more a stereotypical rant.
    Anyway, it’s quite alright, I’m sure the space pope won’t assign more of a penance than you can handle…

  27. I know it was a stereotypical rant, I was merely trying to…play along? (burned brain) I had to look up penance..though, using good old context clues and common sense, I ventured a guess and came close to the actual definition, and you know Brannigan will want in on it, too. (They have costumes for him, you know. I’m sure your wife would be unperturbed.)

    All these big words..and stuff.

  28. Oh, the Futurama fail hurts me more than the crappy Lamebook posts. I’m so obsessed with that show it’s ridiculous…I had a bird named Kif (he lives with a friend now), a kitten named Morbo (it turns out I’m allergic to cats) and a betta named Zapp (he died)…I still live happily with Fry (my schnauzer), Brainley (an Oranda goldfish, named after the giant brain), and Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei “Snake” (my corn snake). Even my mom got into it…she rescued Fry’s brother and we named him Bender!

    I’m a ridiculous fan.

  29. My wife would definitely be perturbed. I would be even more perturbed. Unless she were wearing it although even then the boots are a bit… out there. Of course the outfits that the males wear in the DOOP are based on the outfits for female crewmen from Star Trek: TOS. So the female version has been around much longer.
    Sorry, perhaps my posts should come with built-in dictionaries or something….
    On a logistical note, how does Zapp avoid dangling past the bottom of his velour uniform? Tape? Boxers? Miniscularity (not a real word)?

  30. 1. Stupid. Many many years ago it was common practice, especially among “richer” families, to have a wet nurse who breastfed the child for whom they were compensated to care. I’m not sure of the reasons WHY (e.g. the mother had “more important” duties to tend to – possibly social; she couldn’t produce enough milk or just couldn’t get the hang of breastfeeding; etc) but whatever the reason, the baby still needed nutrition somehow and they had no baby formula to rely on then.

    However, that was the most ridiculous time and method of telling your child that that’s how they received nutrition as a baby.

    2. Kinda dumb too. Seen those so many times.

    3. If I was that kid’s mom I’d be pissed too. Thought it looked like something a middle schooler produced (though most current middle schoolers – or high schoolers either – have no clue what the hell Slayer is) but that is an insult to even middle schoolers. But from a college kid? Jesus… bad handwriting has always been a huge annoyance to me, though, pretty much since kindergarten/1st grade. I hate my own handwriting most times but at least it’s usually legible.

  31. I LOVED Futurama but I now realize I’m not nearly a big a fan as some of you guys. Wow!

    I thought it was Kip too… 🙁

    I mostly just love the episode in which Ed O’Neal guest-starred (guest-voiced? lol) and he and umm…Katie Segal’s character (you guys are gonna tear me a new one, aren’t you?) reminisced Al and Peggy from Married with Children. 😀

  32. Shelley, Slayer is a band.

  33. _I_ know what Slayer is. I grew up hearing it constantly. :/ (Don’t care for it, but very familiar with it nonetheless.)

    I meant most people who are today in middle/high school wouldn’t generally be quite as familiar with it. But that’s just my assumption. 😛

  34. As a fully licensed doctor I can confirm that breast milk is actually very good for… getting a massive erection, nothing like lactate and cornflakes in the morning to put me in a damp-hand shuffle mood.

  35. ^^^OMG!^^^

  36. mad2, I vote for miniscularity (I had to copy/paste that to get it right, LOL!)…we’ve all heard of overcompensating, and the Nimbus is overcompensating to the extreme! Plus, thanks to Leela, we all know he’s unimpressive in bed.

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