Monday, September 28, 2009

Makin’ Mama Proud


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  1. ha, awesome

  2. Nothing says bad ass like bed time tea.

  3. I actually think this is funny/cute. Perhaps I am lame.

  4. there ain’t no party like ma nanna’s tea party.

  5. Yeah mofo!

  6. @ Mish – yeah it’s got a kinda cute touch to it, especially how mom ignores ‘motherfucker’. That’s a pragmatic mom for you!

  7. *Ain’t no party like ma nanna’s tea party ’cause ma nanna’s tea party don’t stop

  8. Strange that the first names are blurred, but the family name is untouched.

  9. Mama drugged his bed time tea so she could have a loud fuck session with the neighbor while Daddy’s out of town.

  10. @8, so we can tell that they are family. The admin is nice people.

  11. AnonIsGay should have a great story about this one…

  12. Yah, this guy wasn’t hard to find on Facebook, and to my surprise he’s not from England.

  13. Imma get my stuffed toy on and get some sleep up in this bitch.

  14. @ Mystic Meg oh yes! Flight of the Concords are amazing!

    Clearly this mother does not understand the concept of motherfuckers. That means your son is fucking you!

  15. Listening to mum’s bedtime story, motherfucker

  16. Drinkin’ tea – LIKE A BOSS!

  17. Cuz it don’t get no more gangz than a nice hot cuppa!
    Fo’ realz yo.
    Now let me just put my gat to bed with its hot water bottle muthafuckerrrrr!!

  18. boston tea party

  19. Haha@11

  20. Boz is hilarious.

  21. maybe “bedtime tea” means long island iced tea while banging his best friend’s girl?

    see? that makes the dynamic a LOT different now, doesn’t it?

  22. Recovering alcoholic out to prove the world wrong with support from his loving family. Go get him, tea-totaller.

  23. @ Boz lolololol

  24. this tea is delicious, what you say it was?
    chamomille motherfucker!

  25. Boz has posted the greatest comment ever.

  26. Boz – you rule

  27. It’s funny, cos he said motherfucker, and his mother commented on how great the post was. Do you see? Do you see?

  28. @BOz ahahahah lol


  30. HAHAHA beautiful!

  31. I know that guy 🙂

  32. win

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