Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Off Script Date

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  1. God I fucking hate nosy cunts like her.

  2. BentBob: Are you, by chance, a writer?

  3. Was she at the table with them? Fucking fake.

  4. LA county boasts the same economic might as Saudi Arabia. This would not be possible without writers. The entertainment industry contributes to the GDP as much as mining, retail or information, respectively. You would not enjoy Netflix’s programming, or any lamebook content, without the labor supplied by writers. Exposure to one’s own demons is indeed a true and fascinating part of the writing process. You might feel grateful that there are those brave enough to do it.

    I would rather date a pretentious writer than an obnoxious eavesdropper. Did you ever consider that the demands placed on a male in these “dating performances” may actually make them nervous enough to say things they might regret? Don’t want males to act like doofuses on dates? Why don’t you take the reins and stop expecting him to impress you?

    Dating is terrifying, especially to those who are prone to over-thinking.

    Yeah I know, it’s a joke. Not every joke is funny.

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