Monday, March 11, 2013

Officially Crazy…

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  1. Weak

  2. Good call dumping this psycho.

  3. if that isn’t lame enough, tomorrow she will do something even more extreme, failing to realize she not only already shot herself in the foot, but probably blew it half way to the mantle.

  4. ^Yeah, I’m expecting her next facebook update to be from gaol.

  5. I suspect the second post is by the ex.

  6. The profile pics are different on each post… obviously didn’t think that one through.

  7. Why would she post that second update? She might as well just go up to her ex and say “Hey, I’m desperate to get you back and I am making up lies so I can hopefully trick you into staying with me out of obligation… But let me tell you and the entire world all about my devious plan! Muwahahaha!”

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