Monday, July 23, 2012

OK, I’m Done with this Planet…

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That’s the first time I heard a mother say “Bitch will be a boy killer” about her own daughter.

  2. Too few mothers cover how to “take the dick”. I know I won’t. In fact, I should just turn my daughters in to CPS now; I’m obviously incompetent.

  3. Fake.

  4. I applaud this mother for being realistic about her daughter’s prospects.

    She knows her daughter is not going to do well in school because her parents are too stupid to help or encourage her. That she wont be able to buy her way through life or marry rich.

    So stripping it is and you have to start them early with that shit. It’s like gymnastics or ballet.

  5. Oooh chil’! Twerk that ass!

  6. Franky, I think you pretty much nailed this one…in fact, you pretty much covered everything I had to say about this, in a much more polite way, even. It’s funny, thinking about it, almost every bird I went to school with that was into gymnastics pretty much grew up under the guise of actually going somewhere with it, only to find out and be disappointed when they realized they were really just candidates for the future strippers of america. Way to go! This nigga should be nominated for the national association for the advancement of colored peoples mother of the year award!

  7. Is that a necktie with a lips graphic?

  8. what’s the legal age in America, I got first dibs

  9. We need to pass a series of tests to be able to drive but having a kid is open to anyone, including incompetent, bitches like this.


  10. Considering how easy the driving tests are, it’s really not saying much for parenting.

  11. Bitch is running wild

  12. Atta girl. Glad to see you are setting your daughter on the right track to teen pregnancy and herpes. Maybe if she gets enough babydaddys she will get a big government check to go with those food stamps. People like you should be euthanized.

  13. ^ Pretty sure that little girl will get herpes just from using the toilet at home without wiping the seat down first, but whatevs.

  14. gymnasts don’t get to be strippers.

    gymnast’s bodies are usually fucked up to shit. stunted, no tits, no arse. when they are twenty, they still fucking look 10. it would be more exciting watching a store mannequin getting undressed.
    in OshKosh.

  15. This scares me so bad.

  16. I am sorry but this should be reported! She needs that kid taken away from her. WHO does this???

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