Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Only Lamebook Coulda Made This Happen


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  1. You met her again?
    At that restaurant you agreed to meet her at?!
    NO WAY!

  2. STALKER ALERT!!! RUN!!!!!!!

  3. Stage 5 Clinger!

  4. A few years down the road, after they have married and had two kids and bought a house and he finds out that she has a membership on AdultFriendFinder and has been sneaking out to suck strange cock before he gets up for work in the morning and taking creampies over the lunch hour, he will realize that it wasn’t “only god” who could have made it happen but SATAN SATAN SATAN!!

    And thus, his faith will once again be re-affirmed.

    There’s just no beating ignorance.

  5. Jesus doesnt love you Jeremy

  6. She has chlamydia.

  7. I wish people would read their posts before posting, so you dont get this fiasco

  8. This chick can’t be all that great. God also made HIM happen.

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