Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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  1. I don’t know what’s worse? Beef curtains, or the inability to take a proper screen shot.

  2. So the comment is gone, but you can still see Stacy’s profile linked on the photo.

  3. Anyone else willing to bet she fucked the best man on their wedding day?

  4. @beatusmongus or my inability to locate Stacy’s profile… 🙁

  5. Are you fucking kidding me? Somebody took a photo of their computer screen?

  6. Not Fake, it is Beef Curtains. She was a loving sharing gal.

  7. The words “beef curtains” always make me giggle.

  8. James is an immature cunt; most likely a virgin, desperate to be fucked but noone, not even beef curtains herself, will go there.

  9. ^^hahaha you said beef curtains!!!

  10. christopherlovet

    I’d like to submit a copy of this to Lamebook. I KNOW! I’LL WHIP OUT MY CELLPHONE AND SNAP A PICTURE! Seriously, this is worse than YouTube clips recorded by pointing a cell phone at the TV.

  11. hootie the blowfish

    frankenstein is Beef Curtains?

  12. Dawn of the Dan

    “Haha, this is silly, I’ll take a picture of these poor suckers so all of Lamebook can get a good laugh at them!”

    “Oh no, all of lamebook is laughing at my complete ineptitude instead of at the photo! How does everyone else take such clear photos of their computers?? Do they use tripods..? Where can I buy myself a tripod for my cell phone, I wonder? I know, I’ll type that question into AskJeeves!”

  13. Lamebook_Moderator

    Festive and velocirrober, we do not encourage you to seek out the facebook profile of the women in the post if you do not know her.

  14. ^Nice name

  15. *woman

  16. Lamebook_Moderator, perhaps they do know her. Just two of many, apparently.

  17. Awk come on, even giant meat flaps deserve love

  18. ^ And apparently, lots of it.

  19. omg you guys are so fucked up for including the photographer’s logo… I was able to find this public photo on their page and see both people tagged, it took about 30 seconds. Other people are already commenting about her beef curtains… he’s probably had sex with a lot of people too and no one is calling him out on it… you people are fucking foul, let her have a good moment for fuck’s sake.

  20. I agree usernumber, seeing as it’s her wedding at least give her that one time to be happy and celebrate with her husband. Poor girl

  21. what do you mean ‘you people’?
    fucking racist.

  22. This reminds me of my fourteenth wife. Her unfeasibly large labia were so massive we used them as the wedding marquee…

    She didn’t get hitched, she got pitched.

  23. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Never mind him saying “you people” what does he mean by “you guys!?”

  24. sexist and racist? what a class-a fucking prick usernumber is, then.

  25. ^ Yeah! The fucking cracker whore!

  26. we don’t put up with sort of intolerant assholery around here, usernumber. This isn’t dinner at your mother’s.

  27. Great comments; too funny!

  28. It appears the photo of Beef Curtains has been removed. Too bad. Oh, and Usernumber, you’re right, he probably HAS had sex with a lot of other people. I’m guessing that’s why they got married, because they both enjoyed the wild sex they had with each other.

  29. #20, just accept it, and be happy someone hasn’t shopped ’em in…yet 😛

  30. Mofo, someone (you know who you are!)kindly once linked me to a tumblr that would be perfect for your fourteenth wife. Sort of a “if you’ve got em, flaunt em” thing. I’m still damaged from it.

  31. what an incredibly cunty thing to say! james is a fucking prick and deserves to get punched in the face, and i hope that if this is real, that happens for him.
    but he has balls the size of a house, i must admit.

  32. Does usernumber actually think that the moderators read the comments section? Why is she bringing her tears and rage here? Send them an email if you’re so concerned, you silly bint.

    Anyway, Stacy BeefCurtains had her special day. Now that it’s done and dusted, it’s back to being a labia embarrassment for her.

  33. concernedcitizen

    I like a laugh just as much as the next person, but Lamebook really disappointed me with this one. You did nothing to hide this person’s identity. I’m inclined to think this is someone you must know and want to embarrass. A former lover, perhaps?

  34. #33 concernedcitizen – read comment #32. Rinse and repeat.

  35. Bacchante,

    Scroll up a little bit, you idiot. There’s a comment from a moderator, so you just look ridiculous for continually repeating that they never read the comments. And yes, that is a mod, because they won’t let anyone register similar names.

  36. ^and you look like a fucking coward for sneaking back here to post that 2 weeks after all the normal people stopped caring.

    Also, that is NOT a mod. wanna know how I know?

  37. BlowMe____Away

    I do, I do!

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