Monday, August 17, 2009

Parenting Today


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  1. My mom.


    No, never.

  2. I’m glad my mom can’t use a computer.

  3. nice save, Kathryn

  4. Either Kathryn’s shit at school or her mother’s overdemanding.

    Place your bets now.

  5. Further proof to never friend your parents.

  6. Looks like Allison spent a little too much time with the boys when she was in school. Her grammar sucks.

  7. Not that boys have bad grammar, necessarily. I just mean it’s clear she didn’t study.

  8. I feel like rather than replying, I would delete my mother’s comment immediately.

  9. I think that commenting that you lied about your relationship status is conterproductive to lying about it in the first place.

  10. Take your mother’s advice Kathryn, if she hadn’t married your good for nothing father she would have better grammar and could have spelled your name correctly.

  11. Why are people so bugged out over the “correct” spelling of names? Their names, that means they can be spelled however you like. I actually know more Kathryns than I do Katherines.

  12. *They’re their names. Hah.

  13. I know no Beanstalkers

  14. Cockblocking by mom ftw

  15. Aaaand Kathryn’s social stock just took a plummeting.
    Thanks Mom.

  16. It’s more of a common theme on lamebook – just on the front page we have a “Brittnay,” an “Ashlee,” and a “Caysie.”

  17. She’s lucky. Her Mom lets her use Facebook. My girl is going to be locked in the basement until she’s 25, because there are guys like me out there.

  18. this is brilliant. my mums on facebook, then again im too old for school, either way.. hilarious!

  19. Why don’t these kids use privacy limits on their parents? Her mom should be able to see her birthday and networks, nothing more.

  20. 2 dollars she has a boyfriend anyway….Kathryn is just throwing mum off….and successfully too, i mean why would people bug her if they didn’t know something….or someone!!! Or maybe its that someone bugging her.
    Cleverly schemed in my opinion.

  21. Flip you off… are you masturbating to a blurry picture?

  22. kathryn be frontin’.

  23. Allison just ensured Kathryn will be a raging slut. Congrats, have a Parenting of the Year Award.

  24. Cockblocking indeed

  25. No breadcrumbs anywhere!!

  26. @ sixkiller….wait I have no time for ur kind and no, I have no need to masturbate..i have a 24/7 man in real life and another one online….right Boz

  27. Oh wait…maybe it was Ratcoon :). who cares, as long as its not dixkiller

  28. Isn’t this grounds for matricide …?

  29. This is why the internet sucks for kids. Your parents can embarrass the hell out of you to all of your friends at once at any given time.

    Any parent that is friends with their kid on facebook is probably overbearing, nosey, and lame. (especially if their posting stuff like that.)

  30. I wonder if mom and daughter are facebooking from the same house.

  31. Comedy, my mom got on facebook and has like 4 friends and shes ecstatic

  32. I have my mom on fb..

    I just happend to post the lyrics to ‘pussy poppin’ on my gf’s wall to tell her how much i wanted to hug her..

    My mom got soooo mad..

    so instead of deleting said comment.. I posted more of 2live crews lyrics on HER wall… ahh i’m the best daughter in the world. 🙂

  33. I think the mom needs to kill herself for raising a daughter that will get alcohol poisoning after sucking 8 dicks first weekend in college because shes been locked in a cage her whole life.

    Besides that, if you’re gonna add your parents on facebook, make a limited profile or something..

  34. This is why I blocked my parents in Facebook.

  35. I’m surprised kids even add their parents on Facebook to begin with, unless their parents are making them do so.

  36. Meh, I say it’s better for parents to get used to their kids actual personalities sooner than later.

  37. I blocked my mom from seeing my facebook, because of things like this. I’m 23 and living on my own, but I still don’t need her in my business!

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