Friday, October 23, 2009

Parents Just Don’t Understand.



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  1. Sucks for them, haha

  2. lucky dad

  3. BJ’s is a restaurant btw.

  4. yeah no fucking shit dumbass. It also means BLOWJOB

    hence the joke you twat.

  5. The only reason I spelled it out is because you’re a moron. I wasn’t telling myself that information. Now go and tell your moronic friends that you understand the pun.

  6. Your website is the Adam Carolla Forum.

  7. I didn’t know it was a restaurant. Thanks duffjr.

  8. i didn’t know either.
    The second post reminds me of the innocent days prefacebook when i was having a party and some dumbass from my class turned up with a four pack a week early. my dad wad well pissed off being woken at 2am. And my aunt stayed for a week.

  9. It’s also a store in the southeast (like a Sams).

  10. LMFAO!

  11. An apostrophe is never meant to signify plurality. An apostrophe is meant to denote possession or contraction. “BJ’s” can only be interpreted as “blowjobs” when read incorrectly.

  12. Tuesdays with Morrie, BJs with Mum and Dad.

  13. @dfisufdsfsadf: hey, dumbass. You’re on the INTERNET. Not everyone here lives in the same country.

    I’ve never heard of a restaurant called BJ’s. I’m guessing it’s an American thing…so I’m glad someone explained this. I only know the initials BJ to mean blow job…

  14. B&J…could be ben and jerry’s ice cream?…..incest flavour *licks lips* 😀

  15. @11: While ambiguous, that part of the status message is gramatically correct whether she meant it as a possessive or plural. There are many cases where it is equally correct to use or forgo an apostrophe when pluralizing, including acronyms. The preference for excluding the apostrophe (which also happens to be my preference) is a relatively new thing.

    @13 et al: I’ve never heard of BJ’s restaurant either, but it was pretty obvious from the context that it was a restaurant, friend’s house, ice cream novelty, or some other locally known item. I worry about those of you who think it needed to be explained that it was something other than a blowjob.

  16. yeh but that’s B&J as opposed to BJ’s. Then again I also did not know about BJ’s since I’m not american either

  17. asian kid got busted, punishment: no free weekends and only study time

  18. @Wrong: just to be clear, I picked up on the fact that the kid wasn’t really talking about fellatio. I just couldn’t figure out what she WAS talking about until I came here and someone mentioned the restaurant thing.

  19. BJ’s is also a store

  20. BJ’s with The Bear.

  21. There’s a restaurant near me called BJ’s. I assume they have a branch near those people. I hope so, anyway.

  22. Couldn’t Taryn be a mom who just dropped off her child, BJ, at her mom and dad’s and is happy about having free time?

  23. That is probably the case…however the perverts on this website enjoy they idea of the other possibility.

  24. @18: What a load. Fact is you still don’t know because no one here knows what she is talking about. It COULD be a restaurant, but see #22, it could be something else. That’s why I offered several examples of what it could be. Way to miss the point.

  25. BJ’s is a wholesale club that sells groceries and stuff in bulk.

  26. This is just too easy.

  27. She doesn’t have a kid. I find it extremely humorous though how she is now on lamebook twice. Hahahaha!

  28. @ 27:

    All of these are repeat offenders. Like paedophiles.

  29. Hahahaha. Yup, definitely excited she has been on here twice now. Regardless of the fact that it could be a restaurant (which it is/was), it is funny.

  30. @ 22: I feel sorry for any kid called BJ…

  31. I didn’t think it was obvious at all. My first impression was that BJ was a child or a pet. But it blows my mind that anyone could get so worked up over an innocent explanation directed at people who may not be familiar with an American chain.

    Mom and Dad is a film btw…

  32. one of my friend’s boyfriend was called BJ… that wasn’t his real name, he actually TOLD people that was his nickname…

  33. WOW.

    BJ’s is a restaurant, and for the people that spend enough time on LAMEbook to continue a thread like this about NOTHING need to get a life.

    haha I feel sorry for you who have nothing better to do with their time than to try and interpret an innocent post about me going to dinner with my parents as an inappropriate post.

    seriously, grow up.

  34. Oh good, my life is complete. Some pious teen feels sorry for me.

    Boy have I ever seen the error of my ways.


  35. #2 Just proves anyone who allows they’re parents to friend them on Facebook is an idiot.

  36. @ Atheismo



  37. I’m American and I’ve not heard of BJ’s unless it means ben and jerry’s.

  38. @Taryn

    Check @34

  39. That explans it. There’s only one in my state.

  40. Wow, we here in New England would assume BJ’s is the wholesale club (like Sam’s Club or Costco). Anyone? Although admittedly the statement “BJ’s with mom and dad” could’ve been phrased better.

  41. @Taryn, I see that you’re searching for your entries on lamebook. Who has no life?

  42. Bitch owned by Val.

  43. Zoned prefers to add
    the running commentary
    cos taryn got pwned

  44. I can’t believe it’s not butter.

  45. Mr Haiku's Assistant

    #45 is a rip off. Get your own idea, shit stain.

  46. Mr Haiku’s Assistant
    October 29th, 2009 at 4:05 am
    #45 is a rip off. Get your own idea, shit stain

    F’in awesome comment!

  47. BJ’s is a store.

  48. BJs is a restaurant… BJ’s Brewery.. people are lame for posting that on this.

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