Monday, June 11, 2012

Pay Attention to your Mistakes

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  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how Kimberley used the word mistaking. It’s a verb, as Stephen says, and she’s used it as such – as in “if I’m not in the process of making a mistake.”

    I’d be much more bothered by the apostrophe she missed earlier in the sentence…

  2. why do girls always think they are correct?

  3. ^ it depends on what the rest of her sentence is. If she said umm i think that would be your fault if I’m not mistaking you for some other douche bag, then she would be correct in using mistaking. But I’m pretty sure she meant for that to be the end of the sentence. in which case mistaken would be the correct work to use. And if you disagree you are probably a girl

  4. and before anyone corrects me….word*

  5. I fucked Kimberly. She’s dumb as shit.

  6. She’d have to be if she fucked you, 9.

  7. Kimberly is fake.

  8. @ Stubbyholder, but she didn’t. He only fucked her…

    …in his mind…

    …while stroking his tiny peeter with his two fingers.

  9. Too fake.

  10. Why put brackets around the post script text?



  12. ^I did that. Turns out I was thrusting with only half the power I could because my hips were not totally squared up. And the angle of my ankle to the floor was slightly off as well.

  13. you’re mistaking me for someone who wont nail your mother to your door, purely as a warning to your father.

  14. ^fuck the warning, I’d do it purely for the giggles…and so I could bathe in her still warm blood…god that fucking turns me on!

  15. 14. That’s pretty edgy and disturbing… for an emo tween.

    It would be great hanging out at a party with the grammar police.

    “Fuck entertaining small talk or getting to know people. If we don’t fix this grammar issue eventually, the world is headed for a future not unlike Idiocracy!”

  16. slur:p

  17. slur :p

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