Thursday, March 29, 2012


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  1. fuck off, bitch.

  2. No one likes you MsAnne.

  3. Indeed #52, nobody does like her. In addition to be foulmouth, she’s not too bright. I am a happily married man as you can tell from the picture. And my wife may not match the exterior beauty standards, but she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and more of a lady than you will ever manage to be little Annie.

  4. I love how this turns into an all-out character-assassination, I really do! Msanne makes a couple of mean comments and suddenly he/she/it is the fucking anti-christ. Unless you guys are seriously tongue-in-cheek and i’m just too stupid to pick up on it, it seems like you should…maybe…um…calm down a bit? Or alternatively…don’t, and keep feeding me fodder for giggles. Also, Ticklebone, why would you google someone from this site to get these little tidbits of info? Creepy, much?

  5. character assassination my arse. it’s only whining and beating of breasts.
    kinda hilarious that little crusty thinks he’s even allowed to have an opinion – or that anyone gives a shit about it.
    and fuck, tickles, your bitch fell outta the ugly tree and smacked her face on every damn branch on the way down. no wonder you two are dykes – neither of you could attract a man, huh?

  6. No one likes you. Perhaps explains why you drink so much.

  7. sure crusty.
    That’s must be it.

  8. That comment above about someone being like the old guy who keeps stuff that falls into his back garden is still making me laugh now.

    not enough to look up who it was though.

    But still, kudos.

    Whoever said they’re a gentleman who doesn’t drop the ‘f bomb’ into conversation needs to expand their vocabulary to include non-boring words. Also, press the fucking enter key every now and then, I don’t wanna read your mind dump in 1 big paragraph!

  9. ^no one gives a shit what you want, did you think yourself to be somehow special? now that’s a tragicomedy fucking goldmine.

  10. Just to prove you wrong, I give a shit what he wants. Your comment is null and void – try again.

  11. balls. you don’t count.
    my comment totally stands.

  12. Ey fuck you. I count.

  13. only to your mummy. but she’s busy taking 3 cocks to help you here.

  14. *too busy.
    she’s too busy taking three cocks to help you.

  15. I get it. You were sad that I said you are emotionally damaged.

    And your way to prove that you’re emotionally healthy and not bothered by what I say is to go through other posts and ‘get back at me’ for making fun of you.

    I think you genuinely were hurt by what I said. I’m sorry for hurting your twisted, borderline inhuman feelings!

  16. you live in a fucking fantasy world pal.
    not the fun kind, but the sad kind lacking in imagination.

  17. I’m sure she could take fifteen dicks so long as they were as small as yours 🙂 Never have understood the “mum” jokes :S

  18. you guys should just have nasty filthy hate-sex and be done with it, i reckon

  19. ^ Wont work. They’ll never be done.

  20. Goddammit! *Won’t.

  21. Really? Ya thanks beccante , we worked around your typo.

  22. crusto isn’t nearly lathered-up enough yet. I like ’em crying.

  23. MsAnneThrope, you called me pal.

    Does that mean you’re my girlfriend now?

    Where do you want to go out?

  24. ^not only do I not fuck spastics, I don’t even date ’em. sorry if you were misled, but you should probably pay more attention to imperceptible social signals.

  25. I’d pay attention to your imperceptible social signal…

    alllllll night…

    (I mean sex)

  26. ^that looks like consent to me.

    so when you find yourself with no memory, dumped naked in an alleyway in the cold light of dawn, walking bow-legged and covered in candlewax, bodily secretions, and animal bites; you will have only yourself to blame, muppet.

  27. Christ, you’re going to have to give warnings before typing hot stuff like that, I’m at work..

  28. it’s a date -.-

  29. Well Oh My Fuck. There was me being all ok with recently turning the age that shall not be named. #35 thanks for making me cry.

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