Monday, September 12, 2011

Photo Follies

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  1. *Sigh*
    Another slow day in LB-land…

  2. We got that christian side hug yo that christian side hug! utube it.

  3. Fuck me. That must have been one hell of a comment section if they erased everything and closed the comments.
    That or seeing how few comments there are on other posts, they just gave up and decided no one was going to comment anyway…

    So, what did I miss?

  4. On the one right before this? They don’t usually have comments enabled on their advertisements.

  5. In the second one .. I like to think that’s a shot gun wound in that girls head, not a flower.

  6. WTF, Sam? Can’t have a girlfriend and a god at the same time? Or is it because his shirt is off while outside?

  7. I don’t see anything amusing in the second picture at all. Is it some sort of far-off reference to her bending over in front of the football player? It’s not funny….whatever its supposed to be.

  8. I am annoyed at how many of these aren’t FB related at all. They’re getting more and more blatant about ripping off other sites.

  9. Thanks crane.
    Well, it’s official. I obviously don’t give a fuck about the posts. I barely glanced at it before scrolling for the nonexistent comments.
    There I was hoping for something interesting…

  10. Unless they are brother and sister, and he’s got his hand in her crotch, and she’s under the legal age, I don’t get why Sam’s panties are in a bunch. Jesus, some Christians are fucked in the head.

    Thank you, mass. Now all I can see is a gaping wound in the back of that girl’s head.

    And I agree that Lamebook is posting more and more stuff that isn’t Facebook-related. Stop it, you bastards.

    Hi, wandr. Long time.

  11. @wordpervert,

    “some Christians are fucked in the head”

    I think you’ve been trolled.

  12. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Sam’s comment is clearly just good-natured teasing. Nothing more.

  13. @ drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Good natured teasing? Have you visited the internet very often?

    You must be new, the combination of “uh” and the extended ellipsis is definitely disdain, or at least admonishment.

  14. @AitchJay

    Unless of course that’s part of the joke.

  15. I’d like to give Luke a sinner’s hug… and then some.

  16. Luke looks like Jim from “the Office”; ol’ whats-his-name

  17. John Krazinsky or something, too lazy to look it up

  18. Haha, octagon.

  19. #1: Awesome.
    #2: Meh, it was alright.
    #3: Silly Christians.

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