Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photostop, Please

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  1. Ha Ha Jizz Face!

  2. Jizz face… That is the best nickname for a girlfriend in the history of girlfriends

  3. where the hell did those parents get their daughters’ names from (last pic)??? danica is normal…but mirjana and dragana??? and then they have a friend named Dusan…

  4. Dragana, Danica and Mirjana? Are these sisters all transvestites?

    Cluck Cluck Bitches. I like that.

  5. Once you’ve acquired a nickname like “jizz face”, the only appropriate course of action is plastic surgery, a new name, and a move to a different hemisphere.

  6. Odd names of sure, southerngirl. I know a Dragatha. lol

    LOL @ Sensible Madness. For sure.

  7. They’re Eastern European names.

  8. I would never kiss a jizz face, but I’d buy her a drink

  9. If I ever “angelfied” my man, I think he would leave me.

    I’m loving the Jizz Face!

    I say we fry the chicken. It seems like the due course of action.

  10. i read the caption on the first pic as “angel of lame” . . . which is certainly more accurate.

    “CLUCK CLUCK BITCHES” = high point of my week.

  11. I think they’re Serbian or Croatian names.

    But yes, let’s all laugh at the foreigners with their funny names!

  12. I have to give Courtney mad props… Not many would be confident enough to try and pull off whatever the fuck she is trying to pull off there

    Cluck cluck back at ya girl

  13. @slimjayz, your crude and I love it!

  14. Poor Jizzy Lizzy. That mutant on the right is what happens when you have mouth babies.

  15. Clearly, one of the sisters has to die. That’s the only solution.

  16. I laughed out loud for real Soup, at your comment.

  17. I hate you Jessie’s boyfriend. I hate everything about you.

  18. JIZZ

  19. think i found the combo of “i love you jizzy lizzy” and “lets make babies!” funiest out of these…though to be fair, i actually laughed at all of them. which makes a nice change.

  20. @eenerbl

    Awww… Well you are my type… You lucky we arent single or I’d try and nick name you jizz face or chin balls

  21. Haha, such a shame!

  22. ugh, it’s that damn! people think they are so clever for adding words to pictures.

    and #9, i’m pretty sure most men (and i do mean men, not boys) would leave their girlfriends if they “angelfied” them. so lame.

  23. Did anyone else notice the “let’s make babies” ad next to Jizz Face’s picture?

  24. @mwnci

    Lighten up… Dragana is funny, no matter what country you’re from.

    It sounds like a failed hardcore metal band.

    Tonight, opening for MEGADETH is none other than DRAGANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    It’s an all girl band, btw… screaming about having sex with dragons and being “flame fucked”.

    Great stuff!

  25. This has been the best Lamebook thread in a while for comments. Soup, yours was top notch.

  26. I just got the “mutant on the right” comment. So funny. Thanks Soup.

  27. I think Courtney is my new hero. Cluck cluck bitches, indeed.

  28. As for the Angelfied one, did anyone else notice the weird hanging blanket they used for a backdrop? At east they’re professional about it..

  29. Jizz Face and Cluck Cluck Bitches FTW!

  30. krasivaya_devushka

    Those names are Serbian names.

  31. ‘One word for you I love you’.
    Seriously? How did she not catch that?

  32. Speaking of Jizz, what’s up with the jiz shot on Jessie’s bf’s chest?

    Soup, you made me laugh. 😀

  33. @cherry cola

    I would call the pope if my jizz made that symmetrical of a pattern… It usually just looks like chewbacca sneezed

  34. One word for you ‘frodo’

  35. Jizz Face, how would one get that moniker? Cluck cluck, bitches. roflol Seems we have a Rick James student on our hands.

  36. The names are foreign, and very popular in Croatia..
    hahaha. Jizz face??!!! hahaha

  37. Sad thing is, I know that angel.. Jessie will soon be on this site…

  38. …is that andy milonakis in the cluck cluck picture?

  39. grr. who posted that pic of me?!
    the jizz thing is mine and its what i call my best friend. only cvuz her name rhymes with jizz 😛

  40. That angel pic is fucking gay.

  41. hmmm.. mirjana… LOL

  42. Guys… I’m pretty sure, almost 100%, that the “angelfied” guy is actually Criss Angel, “Mindfreak”, and not only did Jesse spell his name wrong, but is fantasizing about a guy she can’t obtain since no guy wants her for fear of being poorly PhotoShopped, OR it’s some lame Criss Angel inside joke due to the fact that his name is “Kris”.

  43. I can assure you, it’s no Criss Angel insider.. I too know the angelfied Kris.. He’ll prob beat Jessie when he sees this 😛 Or be so proud of it, I dunno..

  44. in the first one is that suppose to be as if he was shot in the chest now he is an Angel? Retarded and very LAME.


  45. heehee I know miss JizzFace

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