Monday, January 25, 2010


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  1. computerscientist88


    It’s all in good fun to laugh at the picture, but posting his name is unnecessarily harsh. The point of this site is to laugh at anonymously submitted photos of anonymous people. That’s the reason they blur out their face and name, you retard. The difference between this site and the media is people are featured on this site for the purpose of humor as opposed to being ‘news’. In short: fuck off and die.

  2. @ben the problem with douches is that they are blissfully unaware of their own douchosity and therefore would never answer your suggested prompts correctly. Legislation:FAIL but it was a nice thought for a moment. I am going to spend just a moment pondering what a boring day I would be having if we lived in a doucheless universe.

  3. @kdconnection: I am not going to call you names or curse you out because I understand your excitement at seeing this kid here and finding out many people agree with your assesment of him, it is still bad form to name him.

  4. Reply all: I do realize it was the wrong thing to do… I had a lapse in judgement and yes, Yaya… I did get excited but you’re right, it’s still no excuse for it.
    If I could have edited that post I would have, but the site won’t let me. it’s there for good.

    Sorry all

    (and yes, I do realize that by posting this comment I will receive more replies insulting me, I’m not an idiot… I just had a lapse of judgement and got overexcited and I totally deserve all the insults that are forthcoming)

  5. wow, i actually have this guy on my facebook.
    i think it’s rather sad seeing him on here, he’s a nice guy,i hope he never sees these comments.

  6. actually i have known him since grade 2, no one has ever been nice to him…shame really.

  7. so did the one who submitted this unfriend Chris right away?

  8. I think this is shopped, I can tell by some of the pixels and having seen many shops before.

  9. @corbrootal

    Well no duh. Of course it’s photoshoped.

  10. The best thing about this is that I can see him snapping the pic, sitting down at his computer and photoshopping it, the whole while thinking to himself, “Oh man, this is gonna be
    SAH-WEET! I bet a really hot chic is gonna see this and just instantly fall for me and my sweet, sweet bod.”

  11. @ CECEK : lmao…so true.

  12. @corbrootal
    LOL seriously? you THINK it’s photoshopped?

  13. @all the people who raged at kdconnection for mentioning photostops’ first name.

    Are you all blind or are you just genuinely imbeciles?Yes they blur the last name to preserve anonymity, but his first name is up in the top left corner above the photo, for fucks sake. How has she revealed some big secret if it’s written right there for all to see? Kdconnection apologised for a suspected wrongdoing, perhaps it’s time for you to do the same?

  14. John Players Standard

    Hey guys this might be a photo shop. Just saying it looks like some pixels have been altered.

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