Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pic’d Problems

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  1. I see no contradiction between supporting being armed and disliking when certain people are shot. For example, I support arming the populace to hunt right-wingers. I don’t approve of people in general being shot.

  2. How would a condom stop you having sex with ugly girls?

  3. Emm didn’t lamebook notice on the last pic it says ‘girl+boy-protection=’ over the pregnant belly???

  4. Well done on the license plate LB!

    I don’t get these pics…. What’s lame about them? Or funny?

    Never mind, they’re perfect for this site!

  5. What’s with all the transformers posts recently? Either Mark or Cheyanne sebmitted it and thinks it’s funny and original. Those groups were out years ago and every second car where i live has a transformers sticker or badge on the back. Me no comprehende.

  6. I thought it was lame because no one says “I am sorry” or something like that; they all ask the age.

  7. I know that girl! that’s crazy, small world

  8. “Me no comprehende”?

    Yo no comprendo.

  9. Relly, JaKobe824? Small world?
    This is the internet. You must be new. Welcome….

  10. *Really


  11. I thought that the “joke” in #2 was that he had a pic of a car as his profile pic, ergo, he is a car.

  12. I think the scariest part of the last one is that the picture is watermarked… some photographer that considers themselves professional took that photo. Yikes.

  13. the thing i think is the scariest out of that picture is that ugly face ewwwwwwwww 

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