Monday, December 19, 2011

Picture Perfect

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  1. Ideally, I would like to combine the flames in the second pic with the room in the third pic.

  2. Sounds like a plan, MsAnneThrope. I’ll bring the fire if you print the directions to the lesbians house. 😉

  3. slicingupeyeballs

    Ideally, I’d like to combine the tongues in the first pick with my cock…

  4. That last one’s worse than the recent Edward obsession picture they had

  5. Only that kid’s hand is roasting

  6. No one thinks that the 3rd is a prank? ie they leave, their room gets “Bieber’d”, they come home to THIS.

  7. AnnieTheIncredible

    Stubby, I immediately thought that that the third was a prank…and a damn good one too.

  8. If it’s a prank, it’s a pretty fucking stupid one.
    Consider –
    1)It would take about 10x longer to put up all the pics as it would to rip the shit down.
    2)you’d have to collect all the pics in the first place.
    3)you’d have to handle and look at the pics.
    There is a shitload more to consider, but I’m beibered out.

  9. Bend over MsAss and let me pull out your head out ya ass.

  10. Dare I say it, Beiber jokes/pranks/memes have gotten really really boring as of late. As for the 2nd picture; I am a shop newbie and even I can see that that’s an awful photo job.

  11. AnnieTheIncredible

    I would greatly appreciate the money and effort that went into a beibered room prank…it says “you’re worth harassing” and that means more to me than any other material gift. Josh must feel super loved and appreciated right about now.

  12. you people are really quite needy, huh?

  13. Have none of the pedants (like me) picked up on “blowed”? Christ, those girls are fucktards.

  14. Benny G, dare I say it, it’s not been photoshopped, pay close attention to where his body is actually situated. He’s positioned behind the BBQ. I hate planking, but personally, I think it’s one of the more imaginative ones.

    @Lahdeedah, considering they’re supposed to have “jus’ blown a Smurf” (need to get that into my daily vocab. so much more) what makes you think they are lesbians?

    Ohhhhh, doubt it’s a prank, who the fuck goes to the effort of buying a Bieber duvet just for a prank? People with too much money, but they don’t have too much money, they have a 14″ T.V.

  15. yeah that’s not photoshopped, its called staging a photo with an illusion…

    I love that any time a photo looks strange ITS BEEN SHOPPED!!! it didn’t need to be shopped unless you’re a retard, the kid is on like a picnic table behind the grill and its clearly obvious

    and who would even allow those gross mingers in pic 1 to put their mouths to dick? They do look like lesbians, but desperation lesbians more than anything, where a couple of girls just start diddling each other because its better than nothing

  16. Forced perspective is what its called.

  17. you are all far too hipster for your own good.

  18. @crustylovelips MsAnne said fire+beiber room = good, Ladeeda agreed, will provide the fire and wanted directions to the “Lesbian’s house” (IE: the the house of the girl who has that beiber room, seeing as beiber looks like a lesbian)

  19. So are you guys here to appreciate the lameness , or are you here just to get mad on purpose ?

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Both, you Fuckaroon.

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