Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Picture Perfect

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  1. -That ass. fudge one must be hilarious to someone from the UK, where it was first photographed in 1951.
    – I’d like to fuck a bird from one of those cults one day. Just cos.
    – Wow. She has black paint on her face. What a racist.

  2. “hot chicks at the beach” very misleading… -_- smh lame book… Smh!

  3. I once painted my face red and black for a Gauteng Lions game. Was I unintentionally offending black people and North American Indians?

  4. ^ Yes, you were, you fucking racist asshole.

    If the women were on fire, the “hot chicks” thing would be even funnier.

  5. Louise “Laughed [Her] Fucking Ass Off Off Off Off”. That broad must have one HUGE ass.

  6. Damn, I’ll have to check in at the nearest tolerance camp ASAP.

  7. ^Don’t take it personally. Since his wife caught him flirting here she’s witholding the nookie and beatus is currently a little testy. It will pass. She won’t be able to resist him much longer.

  8. Why has the word before “game” been hidden? Presumably they were at an All Blacks rugby game…. Lame of you to hide that bit Lamebook!

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