Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Like It Hot

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  1. I wouldn’t mind if I guy proposed to me like that..
    but in real life.
    I love hot sauce.

  2. That is cute. Plus he now knows for sure she’s not a gold digger.

  3. holy crap I keep getting here right after these are posted
    first time I was first. Now it’s third. 😀

  4. I think it’s sweet. SO sweet i want to throw up.

  5. A proposal on a packet of hot sauce…lame. A proposal on Facebook…extra lame. But proposing, on Facebook, with a packet of hot sauce? That’s just so, so, wrong.

  6. Why buy the peppers when you can get the sauce for free? Or words to those effect.

  7. *that effect

  8. “U tell n me u askn me 4 real”

  9. sigh

  10. @ sousagal91: He proposed with the “Hot” sauce too, not even the “Fire” sauce. What a jerk. I give it six months.

  11. On the rizzle my nizzle.

  12. Wow. Classy.

  13. I remember the last discussion that was about Taco Bell. Everybody is drunk when they are there.

    Now where is that damn calculator so I can add all this together.

  14. I would love to know how this story ends.

  15. Dis is sum bullsht i bot a rng n evthn n will gt thre furst wiv taco bell

  16. Maybe just trying to add some spice to their relationship?

  17. That’s not original, I actually know a guy who did this on Valentine’s Day and his girlfriend said yes. I thought it was gay, but whatever.

  18. That’s a really crappy picture. At first glance I though it said “will you shitty me” but I’m guessing from the context that I was incorrect. Also, Julie already appears to have multiple last names, so why not add another! I agree – six months. Tops.

  19. If he’s this cheap, makes you wonder what her engagement ring will be.

  20. Is this the perfect way to tell someone they might have an STD?

    Just give someone a packet of fire sauce with the name of the std and you got it.

    @saidar. I’m guessing you’re a Wheel of Time and Robert Jordan fan.

  21. He is just side tracking her so he can eat her taco. But what he fails to realize is she will put the fire on his Grilled Stuffed Burrito.

  22. Not original. Done that before, jokingly, and my girl said, “You better not ask me to marry you with fire sauce.”

  23. If this is a relationship founded on hot sauce, you have to wonder what else they’ll use it for…*shudder*

  24. dirtylittlepretty

    this is a good of example of why something is not a good idea just because some douche thought it was either funny or original.

  25. Too much Corn there for me folks! someone get me a bucket so i can puke!

  26. MsBuzzkillington

    U tell n me u askn me 4 real?

    Nope.. it’s over.

  27. Not only is it cheap and lame, it’s the LAZIEST proposal I’ve ever seen.

    So he sees this hot sauce with ‘Will you marry me?’ on there (do they make them all like that at Taco Bell? :S If so that’s very weird, and this guy cannot have been the first person to come up with this idea, meaning it’s not even original, losing the ONLY thing it had going for it – sorry Will) and thinks ‘oh, that’s a sweet way to propose. I think I’m gonna propose to, uh… uh, Julie, with that. But you know what, rather than actually take her out to Taco Bell, I’ll just take a picture here. I’ll upload it to Facebook when I get home. SHE can find it herself, I won’t bother to put her name on it or any kind of message, I’ll let her figure that out. Brilliant! She’ll LOVE it!’

    And she did.
    Oh well, they’re in love, and I’m on Lamebook at twenty to eleven mocking them for it, so who’s the real loser here?

  28. (It’s Will.)

  29. @BritishHobo


  30. My husband hid the ring in a box of Pizza Hut cheesy garlic bread. Worked for me, it’s my favourite food. Horses for courses.

  31. @30 going: good to soft.

  32. too cheesy. i had a friend who did that and wondered why his girl dumped him shortly thereafter. What guy actually thinks of doing that? Will is a special special man.

  33. Jesus Christ, this guy invested all of .25 seconds in this proposal. At least take a decent photo… 0.5 seconds, that’s all it takes!!!

  34. I, Will, take you, Julie, to be my wedded. albeit fatass, wife to stuff and feed, on taco Tuesday or fajita Friday, for spicy or mild, through projectile diarrhea and cardiac arrest, to wipe your chin ’till chalupa do us part.

  35. Hobo, I think they have like 20 different phrases they put on the packets. One of the other ones is, ‘Help! I can’t tell where I am. It’s dark and I can hear laughing.’ that’s the only other one I remember. Oh, there’s one about sporks but I can’t quite remember it. They’ve been doing that for yeeeears.

  36. My personal favourite is “you had me at taco”.

  37. Other Taco Bell phrases include such witty sayings like… “Ahhh…we meet again.” and “Will you scratch my back?” there is also the ever popular “I am taking the day off. See next packet.”

  38. Get a damn ring and do it right you cheap bastard.

  39. “Yeah but it was original.” No, no it wasn’t – Taco Bell prints 1000’s of those friggin packets. I have a haunting suspicion that Will and Julie are going to have 1) a long engagement or 2) parental consent to marry since they aren’t of age yet.

  40. Proposal, in hot sauce form, in a jpeg, delivered on Facebook via internet . . . WINWINWIN of EPIC proportions. Only thing better would be if this were sent via cellphone while Will was getting a lapdance.

  41. I went to Taco Hell so I could ring her bell

  42. god,i hope my bf sees this..he could sure take some advice on how to be romantic from lamey lame pants up there.

    he couldnt have just written all pretty or on something cool or both & then taken a picture..he chose hot sauce..he planned this..i hate him..

  43. Dear Julie and Will,

    Please never reproduce. Or if you do, don’t tell your offspring this story. Anyone referring to you, Will, as Romeo, is being sarcastic. And your friend Brian clearly thinks higher of you than the rest of us (actually giving the packet to her? crazy! romantic? really?) so maybe you three should just make some kind of cult and become mountain people.

    The concerned people of the world

  44. Will’s top 2 choices were the Taco Bell Hot Sauce packet or having their favorite local Walmart checkout lady say ‘That will be $8.50 plus a marriage proposal from Will.” I think he chose wisely.

  45. So, if Taco Bell will always have romantic implications for the happy couple, does that mean the inevitable diarrhea will be symbolic of the passionate lovemaking that occurred after the proposal?

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