Monday, December 13, 2010

Picture This

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  1. Scrabble-player can’t spell, or play Scrabble.

  2. I was mildly amused with the scrabble board until I saw the word “VAGINS”, then my eye traveled to the word “SEX”, where the S and X were straddling the lines between spaces, and that’s about the moment my amusement turned to rage.

  3. …what’s ISV?

  4. pathetic scrabble. Hoe is mispelled, vagina, doggystyle and ornie? What the hell is that? Not to mention they didn’t even use the star in the center of the board as a start off point. LAME ASSES.
    As a lover of scrabble I’m offended by this mockery.

  5. He spelled “ho” wrong, too.

  6. Aww come on. If you’re going to play dirty scrabble at least play it properly.

  7. Whilst the rockets are quite interesting I’m more concerned whether Laci plagerized Fernando or vice versa.

    And more to the point what the ferk is going on with the picture right down in the bottom left!

  8. That Scrabble one sucks. They didn’t even try. And why can’t anyone spell “masturbate”? You’d think people should at least be able to spell their most common actions correctly.

  9. They completely messed the scrabble thing. Makes it even lamer. It drives me nuts when the letters don’t fit the squares perfectly
    It looks like I’m the lucky owner of a “cvagin”…

    #4 Dumbass absolutely wants to see phalluses evertywhere… That thing on the left side of the picture looks more like one the the rockets

  10. wow, that’s everywhere*
    and more … than*
    I hate mondays

  11. sexclamationpoint56

    damn people who dont know how to play scrabble. and seriously, if u were gonna totally misuse the board to put “dirty” words on then u might as well have just put them all next each other and spelled them correctly. you illiterate person you… ive never seen someone who misspelled vagina

  12. @sexclamthingy – I’ll be wallace here, but I think they’re playing bilingual scrabble, hence vagins and orgie

  13. @slippyslappy I assume that “ornie” has the ‘h’ cut off at the top, being “hornie” or as the correct spelling, “horny.”

    And i want to know why the word ‘pus’ is in dirty Scrabble..

  14. I’m with you guys on the Scrabble one. It’s just blows. I’m irritated enough that “masturbate” is spelled wrong, but “orgie!” What the hell is that?!

    I do like “vagins” though.

  15. Chaser, the word pus is supposed to be ‘puss’ I’m pretty sure. Still, I got a mental image of an oozing, infected sore for a minute there.

  16. #2 and #4 quite funny. x-rated illiterate scramble, i’m doin’ it right now 😀

    btw when do we get those alcolocks for computers??

  17. @ scd totally agree with you, If it’s something you do all day long (i.e. masturbate) you should at least learn how to spell it properly. I’m amazed at the amount of people who can’t!!!

  18. i love the “saddest place on earth” quote.

  19. the scrabble one reminds me of the kids who used to put 8008 on the calculator and giggle because it said boob.

    @pineapplesalad- i felt like raging too.
    @blondebimbo- i thought the isv were ‘international student volunteers’ but judging by the puzzle, i’m pretty sure these titfarts are anything but students.

  20. This rocket ship is for “ass”tronauts

  21. You know what’s sad? The thing that enraged me was not the mis-spelled, horrifically-assembled Scrabble board. It was the fact that the piece of paper next to the cock-rockets says “gentleness” but defines the word “gentle.”

  22. What’s even worse about the scrabble one is that probably took a while to put together.

  23. The thing that bothers me is what the poor kid who made the pic in the lower left of the cock rockets pic must have been exposed to to make that diseased looking dick.

  24. I don’t see an ISV anywhere in this post..I’ve combed over it carefully several times. In other news…I agree with rybart. What did that poor child get exposed to, Herpes?
    The saddest place on Earth quote was quite cute.

    For #2, everyone has it covered pretty well, so I’ll just agree.

  25. What annoys me most about the sexy scrabble is the fact that if they had just moved “mastUrbate” down one space they could have done “vagina” instead of “vagins”. Vagins?? AND they’d have a triple word score. Fuck.

  26. ISV = DILDO, PENIS, VAGINS on the scrabble board. Although VAGINS should be moved over 1 space so that it’s DOGGY STYLE not DDGGY STYLE, so it’s really just IS, not ISV.

  27. It’s obvious that Laci has been copying Fernando, the cheating bitch.

  28. Yeah, the ISV is located in the BIG mess of words. Jesus this is THE most pathetic game of dirty Scrabble ever, I have actually managed to play, 1. with better words and 2. better spelling. They’re fucktards.

  29. That third one got it all wrong, It doesn’t say no puppies or ice cream in this area. It’s just saying that they don’t allow you to eat both at the same time, They don’t like kids filling up on ice cream before they eat their dinner of puppy meats.

  30. The 4th one is clearly a setup, and the teacher instructed them to make their rockets that way and now is pretending that kids say do the darnedest things. I mean c’mon, the two rockets are the same.

  31. really guys, getting agitated over scrabble?! *sigh*

  32. I think what is most worrying/funny about the rockets (depends how you look at it) is the bit of writing on the bottom left!

  33. I meant bottom right of course 🙁 well it is left if you imaging you’re in the picture………ok :'(

  34. @wiffles i noticed it too haha

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