Monday, December 13, 2010

To Die for…

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  1. No Sean, not fucking ‘well played’ at all, in fact the very antithesis of ‘well played’. Why don’t you and your cunting fucktard mates just fuck off.

  2. Bitter much?

  3. Feeling so fly like a Jesus.

  4. Oh please …..

  5. Hmm they forgot these ones…

    Recycling Jesus died for your tins..
    Bowling Jesus died for your pins..
    Cousin Jesus died for your kins..
    Drunk Jesus died for your gin..

    Cba making more.

    Is seven all they could come up with? These puns are too easy to make.. I could do this all day,

  6. I have to poop. Like real bad.

  7. OK I’m pooping real hard and it hurts some.

  8. Good for you poop… A real conversation starter that.. I would love to hear some of your chat up lines 🙂

  9. Cunt Jesus he died for your quim.

  10. I can’t take anymore casshern. Please stop!

  11. As you wish Curly 🙂 I felt muself cringe when I was writing them.

    I was merely stating how easy and effortless people can come up with jokes. Still cant believe it took them 2 hours to make seven of them.

  12. Come up with these jokes*
    sorry typo 🙂

  13. ben

  14. I didn’t get what time meant until I googled it…”Tims gangster term” One of the links made me laugh so hard: “Is Tim Allen a gangster?” But I found the meaning…I think. (To sex someone up)?

    I also didn’t get the Dexter one. I don’t watch the current Dexter that’s a forensic blood analyst. Admittedly, I only remember Dexter’s Lab.

    Sean, well played, indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. 😀

  15. Thank the lord they’re not my friends.

  16. casshern is right, too easy = boring.

    Janitor Jesus died for your bins.
    Historian Jesus died for your Zinns.
    Chub chub Jesus died for your double chins.


  17. Not only that, they started using “m” rhymes.

    And, and, AND “undefeated Jesus died for your wins???????” that makes no fucking sense!!

    Hate it…

  18. Glenn Beck Jesus died for your double chins.

    And then blamed it on Nazi-socialist-communist policies.

    True story.

  19. f*ck you Sobchak, stealing my weak-ass joke. Mine was better anyway… the Glenn Beck reference really ties the clause together

  20. Dear,
    When you post shit like this, it maakes me happy that you are getting sued.
    Respectfully your,

  21. Critical much. I thought it was somewhat amusing. Better than the crappy typos or gangsta pics.. Puns are funny.

  22. Keona, I’m pretty sure “tims” refers to Timberlands.

    These puns ones are always so lame.

  23. since this website is called Lamebook, it features lame posts. What do you expect?

  24. Thanks, powerstanceyall. That didn’t occur to me.

  25. this is lamebook so i expect you guys to post lame comments, not bitch comments

  26. asioibuuasddviubasdgasdgvasdg

  27. cashern, you’re an ass for believing it took 2 hours to only make seven. it’s not a game and none of these people are on the computer all the time during the day. this took me 2 hours to type for christ sakes. fuck you

  28. Funny Jesus died, and this post is the result.

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    powerstanceyall your powers of logic astound me. Now if you could be so kind as to explain why the lame post is labeled with a red thumbs up and categorized under the win section of Lamebook.

  30. Joker Jesus died for your grins.

    Why so serious people?

  31. I lol’d at Comments
    The rest is blah

  32. danke

  33. City Planner Jesus died for your Sims?

    Meh, it’s mildly entertaining. Better than working, right y’all?

  34. hahaha, nice one comments.

    i’m actually with keona on this one, found them quite entertaining.

  35. @28
    Was that the one in the tuxedo shirt? ‘it say’s I’m formal but I’m here to party’

  36. @Keona,

    Tims or Timbaland is a kind of shoe that gangster wannabes think gangsters wear.

  37. Tibia jesus died for your…shins?

  38. Calculus Jesus died for your lims

  39. Nonfat Milk Jesus died for your skims.

    Pleasantly Random Jesus died for your whims.

    Cacophonous Jesus died for your dins.

    Genie Jesus died for your djinn.

    Barbershop Jesus died for your trims.

    Jong Il Jesus died for your Kims.

    Irken Jesus died for your Zims.

    Diamond Jesus died for your gems.

  40. First-post Jesus died for your Bens.

  41. Nine Inch Nails Jesus died for your NINs

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