Thursday, June 13, 2013


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  1. It’s nice when you can share interests with your co-workers.

  2. Nice one. I’ll never eat pizza again.

  3. Pizza face.

  4. @2.. You’ll never eat pizza again because of a post of a post of pizza makers supposedly talking about acne somewhere in the world? That’s going to stop you from enjoy one the best foods ever made??

  5. Id be more inclined to say its the ones in the middle of your back that are a real bitch.

  6. Ear zits are real things?

  7. ^O they’re the worst! Bad enough even to make you stop eating pizza!

  8. I wonder why he was listening to the conversation after he ordered.

  9. Because carry-out pizza places have tiny little waiting areas that allow you to see and hear the nasty people in the kitchen.

  10. How is this gross?
    Never eating pizza again because some guys were having a zit conversation?
    I’m betting every chef or cook on the planet has popped a zit before.
    They wipe their butts with their own hands too! (Although some of the best chefs have butlers for that)
    Most of them prepare food with their bare hands as well and it’s perfectly acceptable to everyone.
    Because they wash their hands.
    Feel enlightened 🙂

    btw, the best zits are inside the nose

  11. ^exactly. If you don’t want other people’s bodily fluids in your food, make it your fucking self.

  12. Hey man, at least they weren’t discussing which STDs were the worst.

  13. Speaking of pizza, everyone should try Dewey’s Pizza, when in Cincinnati. It’s the best pizza in the entire world.

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  15. #12 I once heard a conversation about guys that shave off their herpes soars. That was pretty bad.

  16. ^ Red Bull gives you wings, and makes your herpes soar.

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