Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plus One!

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  1. First! I’m posting this first comment while in the shitter btw. Thought i’d let y’all know.

  2. Wiping my poop cutter now like a boss.

  3. Congrats Yodawg!! Wipe that balloon knot!

  4. Steeever, your “steeeeeever” line is getting old and kinda lame. Maybe time to freshen it up a bit?

  5. Steeeever might be a runaway spambot, ie, forgot it’s payload and just writes that same thing over and over.

  6. No, Stacy, there’s a dumbass woman that thought pulling out was an acceptable form of birth control. Take some responsibility for your own fertility for fuck’s sake. We fought long and hard for the right to do so.

  7. ^go back to the kitchen and make me a sammich bitch! why u on the puter and not in the kitchen anyway?

  8. It’s a laptop, obviously. Now here’s your sammich. Extra arsenic … I mean mayo.

  9. funny.

  10. Steeeeeeeeeever is immortal, and so is the line. How dare you indulge in such blasphemy.

  11. ^ya, what he said!

  12. I actually laughed at the last one. I didn’t go to my school ball so it’s nice to know that all these years later that I didn’t miss anything.

  13. Frozen beer? Did someone leave it outside during a Canadian winter?

  14. Me: Mike, have you ever had a magic fight?
    Mike: No, what’s that?
    Me: I choke you and throw you down a very deep chasm and you disappear. Ta-Da Bitch.

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