Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plus Points!

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  2. Steven has just said what I would love to say to people like this and also people that talk about their babies on every single status they post. I can’t stand that either.


  4. Poor Steven needs to get laid or get high and chill out some.

  5. His argument is valid..yet, if he has THAT much a problem to rage online, maybe he should delete both of them? He’d never have to see it again.

  6. Steven is high strung as shit lol. I agree with him though.

  7. It’s more annoying to see people whine about that shit. It is amazingly easy to delete a person, and if you’re too much of a pansy to do that, the option to hide all posts is equally easy, though they might as well be deleted if they’re going to be invisible.

  8. It’s fine to me to see a lil bit of “I love you baby” lovey stuff but when it goes on back n forth back n forth back n forth back n….You get the picture, right?

  9. haha

  10. Well, didn’t anybody see that the funny thing about Steven is just the number of likes he gets?

  11. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Lovey-dovey posts annoy me too, but Steven is way overreacting! He needs to get laid like someone said.

  12. Jill….I LUV U

  13. Thank you, Steven.

  14. vaginalroundhouse

    I love you all. I want to cuddle with all of you with lots of silk pillows while we eat strawberries and a pastrami on rye.

  15. Somebody get Bobby a trophy!!! ROFLMFAO..

  16. I loved Avatar, especially its anti-imperialist, pro-environment message.
    Although making the planet sentient was stupid. They should have made the planet non-sentient like earth, to point out how we should defend the environments of non-sentient planets as well.

  17. It’s a SCI-FI movie. If I wanted to watch a movie about hippies I wouldn’t watch a movie about PANDORA.

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