Friday, October 30, 2009

Privates Message, Please


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  1. I had like ten guys SEAMEN on my cervix at once! o__O LOL.!

  2. Having seamen rest on your cervix sounds painful…

  3. @Sassafrass – it would take about a litre of semen for there to be enough prostaglandin :S

  4. Fun fact: Semen is a legitimate boys name in either Russia or Norway ( I forget which..)

  5. RE: jelly, it’s norway, and spelled “Simen” ‘:P Haha…

  6. Really? That damn naming website lied to me!! It spelt it exaclty the same as ejaculatory fluid! 😛

  7. I’m sorry I sharted on your dick.

  8. That’s how I had my second son. Sex to induce labor is so effective, that if you’re at risk for pre-term labor they ask you to abstain. On that note, it was very nice of that woman to share her opinion with her friends’ contacts. And the thought of pregnant humping is no ones idea of a good time.

  9. She didn’t say just how many seamen were required? At least two given the plural usage. And what kind? Navy Seamen, perhaps rangy, feisty, pirate types? Merchant marines? Details are needed!!!

  10. @”Tis True” the second…so glad to know that. Are you pregnant?

  11. “sex that’s what did it for me”

  12. yea seamen stimulates contractions of the uterus

  13. Fountain de Fontaine

    …..gooooooo prostaglandins….

  14. Ok-the definition of TMI!!

  15. #12 Thesaurapist

    I’m developing a deep respect for you.

    (sent via mobile from the docks)

  16. The creature from the Black Lagoon?

  17. laaammeeeee

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