Friday, December 17, 2010

Problem or Not?

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  1. I hope Christian’s is on here because he’s the lame one who can’t tell “passed” from “past.”

  2. It could go either way. Passed = opposite of failed, and passed = left behind. So Christian’s comment still makes sense.

  3. Not in grammar context of “passed history.” While it does have dual meanings, here Christian is the one reaching too far for a non-joke and only comes out looking lame.

  4. What happen to 1999? It’s in the past, so we must have passed it up in time. It’s history now, and you ARE a grade A douche.

    The stick up the ass of some people must be sunk 50ft into the ground.

  5. Thank you for proving the grammar context point. Passed it up and passed are not the same grammar context.

    Why do people think calling me a douche is going to be somehow an insult or a surprise? Does my screen name not warn people? Reading comprehension and grammar context, two lessons of the day.

  6. I’ll wait to reply when you are done building your emo defenses against the many years of being made aware of your true assholedness. Middle school and all those doughnuts must have been hard on you.

    (why do the always feel necessary to be first to call theirselves as such?)

    Anywho, if you take the two word seperatly and loosen you butt enough to giggle, it is very cute and funny.

  7. Douchetastic’s right. Christian is a knob.

  8. “New Year’s Eve night” is Redundancy Department of Redundancy. UGH!

  9. fleurdeleslie: New Year’s Eve is the whole day , Dec 31st. So she might get pregnant in the morning or in the afternoon, but she’s talking about night.

  10. How can one become a mayor of liquor shop btw? i want to be one 🙂

  11. Check in to a liquor store enough times in one month via foursquare.

  12. What is foursquare?

  13. My New Years Resolution is….

    To improve upon my ‘withdrawal’ time.

    I have become very lazy over the last year, after fucking, I have being letting my pork pipe just hang around in a lady’s baby box, doing the whole ‘go soft inside her’ thing.

    This has caused my cock to take on an odd odour (this is my story and i’m sticking to it)

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