Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Problematic Parents

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  1. These are some of the funniest parents I’ve seen on here. Kudos!

  2. Does anyone know how to change Relationship status and change Profile picture? because I didn’t add Profile picture when I made lamebook and I’m Engaged, but my girl isn’t here….

  3. Justin H, if you were the guy who made Lamebook…then you would have made Lamebook.

  4. (I couldn’t resist.)

  5. Aileen is the only funny parent. Denise is an annoying bitch, and Norman is just gross.


  7. Im gonna go attempt the James B

  8. Aileen wins.

  9. CommentsAtLarge

    Bone, at least Denise didn’t flip out at the obvious-joke post from her daughter’s friend. Also, I find brownies to be a more fitting snack at a goat-sacrifice orgy myself.

  10. lametothemin wins. And I would love to see that movie. In fact, I’d just love to see this whole Facebook/Lamebook legal battle immortalised in The Social Network 2.

    “A million pictures of things that look like penises isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A BILLION pictures of things that look like penises.”

  11. I’m in. Sequel, here we come.

  12. Thanks Hobo, have just given the Mac a coffee screen-wash.

  13. Damn Denise, you could have done so much better.

  14. Hobo You are some kind of insane genius… With your creative skills and keen eye for inspiration married to my outstanding acting abilities and massive cock we could create a modern day masterpiece.

    A modern day David and Goliath tale of one mans’ crusade against the C-word could be another tag line… Get back to me with a script and casting suggestions.

  15. “luminosity”? That sounds familiar…

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